A manifestation of fashion

Only one and a half weeks left before the concept magazines for the Independent Fashion Magazine programme hit the printers. Articles are written and re-written, shoots are being edited and the overall look & feel of the magazines is finally coming together.

Slowly the ultimate deadline creeps towards us. Phase one of the Magazine programme is nearly over. Nine teams are working extremely hard to fabricate their concept issue. You could say that the photo shoots are the most crucial element that make or break a fashion magazine. The past two weeks revealed a lot on that subject.

As you flick through a magazine a certain photo shoot might catch your eye. You go back to the beginning and it instantly sweeps you off your feet and throws you into that specific mood. However, those mere five to ten minutes that managed to give you a form of escape cost the makers weeks of blood, sweat and tears. Multiply that by three when creating a concept magazine.

The final photo shoot is the way to portray your vision on the current fashion zeitgeist. Everybody has different stories to tell: from balmy botanical hemispheres, adding feminine touches in a masculine hip-hop culture to visualizing Japanese fetishisms in daily life. Your starting point is just the beginning as it needs to be filled up with the right ingredients: a location, a photographer, a make-up artist, a hair stylist and a model (or maybe even five). Garments to give life to your vision that can only be acquired through PR agencies or directly from the designer. The latter had my team running around Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem and The Hague for two whole days.


Finally the big day arrives. Beautifully crafted clothes hang neatly on racks, the smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the kitchen and the team starts trickling in. When the models have been transformed into the leads of our fantasy, the magic starts to happen with every click. All those hours of preparation finally pay off. Fast-forward to the moment when you receive the images perfectly edited just the way you wanted them to be. That is pure bliss.

About the author: I am Suzanne van Heerde, a 4th year Fashion & Branding student at AMFI living in the Hague. Next to my study I do a lot of styling, photography and I’m the co-founder of Splitternakt Vintage.