An account of Triptych in analogue

For reporter Emma Smit was Triptych 2018 a way to explore her passion for analogue photography, as she captured the entire a process on a disposable camera.


Images and article by Emma Smit.



After the concepting phase of Triptych, the branders sit together with the fashion managers and designers to carefully explain and discuss conceptual starting points. Open communication is very important when creating a consistent brand identity. After everyone is up to date and ready to get their hands dirty, the designers start sewing the garments. The stress is on.



Here are some branders doing some intense research into the minds of Frida Kahlo and Miley Cyrus. Triptych 2018 was all about finding inspiration in the lives and work of two icons. Brand distinctiveness is requisite when attracting your audience. This is why analysing and deconstructing their motivations can be a very tedious, but interesting process.



After finding some conceptual starting points for our brand, we started analysing the images. Moodboards are the necessary building blocks when it comes to visually communicating your ideas. Practice makes perfect. Here are some of the students from The Tv is Off deconstructing some conclusions and giving feedback on each other’s moodboards.



Developing a logo is very exciting. Triptych teaches students how to work collaboratively, while still being friendly and looking at things with constructive criticism. Here we see some branders agreeing on a logo they came up with. Seeing hard work come to life puts a smile on everyone’s faces.



Students from management, design and branding all come together to make Triptych a night to remember. We teach and help each other with the things we have learned over the last 2 years at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. By bringing diverse opinions together we strengthen our collaboration skills which will qualify us for the real world.



The designers spent all night and day working to get the outfits done. They know what hard work feels like. Whilst shooting the images to further enhance the brand identity, the designers get to see their garments come to life.



Experimenting, sketching and discussing, is something students at AMFI know all too well. Here we see students discussing the final details before starting to sew the garments. Colours, extravagant patterns and using the correct fabrics can make or break a look.



The students create a concept, design the garments, make them and then of course plan the photoshoot. Here we see some students deciding on hair and make-up that fits their visual identity. Elba van den Heuvel models for The Tv is Off brand photoshoot. Designers tend to her to make the outfits look magical. After Triptych, this garment will be recycled and guaranteed a second life.

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