AMFI Denim inspires new ways of thinking

It’s not just about the brand – third-year Branding student Hilde Lucker shares her thoughts on her to-date experience with the AMFI Denim programme. She is learning quickly that teaming up with Management and Design students stimulates her to work in new ways.


Branding is just one piece of the puzzle

Hilde just returned from two solid days in London doing research with her team. She’s part of the Denim minor, a specialist programme of one semester to develop skills and knowledge in denim development. At the end of the trip Hilde sat down with her teammates and shared her discoveries. It immediately became clear to her that each member of her team had different personal focus points throughout the research trip – a true reflection of how things work in the dynamic denim industry.

Her team is attempting to identify and develop a new sub brand for Levi’s XX that will compliment all their current lines. Other groups in her class are working with Denham and Kings of Indigo.

The strong history of the Levi Strauss & Co brand means a fresh challenge for Hilde to be truly innovative. In making preparations for the upcoming briefing at the showroom, her Management and Design colleagues helped reinforce that when it comes to innovation, it’s not just about the brand. In fact, there are many angles from which to approach their industry-driven assignment.

Levis XX Amsterdam AMFI Denim

On display: Levi’s Vintage Clothing premium line

Passion for Denim

That’s the refreshing aspect of the Denim programme, she says, seeing the other facets of the fashion chain from a new perspective. During the briefing Levi’s XX Design Director Miles Johnson took her and her team through the inspiring landmarks of the rich and extensive Levi’s history. A zipper is just a zipper, right? Wrong. Hilde shares that people with passion for denim are conscious of how small details can be an expression of a part of someone’s identity. That’s likely nowhere more true than in Amsterdam, what the media heralds as the denim capital of Europe.

Miles Johnson Levis XX AMFI Denim

Miles sharing the Levi’s story

Learning to reframe her focus points beyond Branding and getting feedback from unlike-minded peers and professionals has taken Hilde’s work to a new level. Although it’s as if Levi himself were her boss, Hilde says her group is remarkably calm. Her teammates have the same growing passion for denim, so the process of learning to support each other’s strengths will come in good time.

Levis XX Amsterdam AMFI Denim

The Levi’s XX Showroom: a place for self-expression

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Text by Kimberly Waldbillig, photos by AMFI student Janice van Alebeek.

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