‘AMFI fits me like a glove’

Students from AMFI love to go abroad for an exchange or internship, but also quite a few exchange students come to Amsterdam each year. Nina Giglio embarked on a journey all the way from São Paulo, Brazil to study at AMFI for one year.  

Nina enjoying the summer in the city oasis of 'Amsterdam Roest'.

Nina enjoying the summer in the city oasis of ‘Amsterdam Roest’.

Although Nina studies Architecture in Brazil, the first months at AMFI as a fashion school exceeded all expectations. The ‘Brands & Innovation’ specialisation is about creating future scenarios for existing fashion brands with a focus on crafts. ‘It is really beneficial to have Architecture as a background’, Nina explains. ‘Architecture and fashion are intertwined in so many ways. Designing a building is all about targeting the right people and fulfilling their needs, just like Branding. The social aspect is what connects these arts and the teachers  often remind us how important it is for fashion students to look at architecture.’

It was a good deal of work from the first brainstorming to the final product.

It was a good deal of work from the first brainstorming to the final product: a craft bible.

At AMFI, Nina’s passion for Branding has been awakened, and the learning methods amaze the 24 year old anew every day: ‘On our first day, we went to the yoga studio with our teachers. Now we commonly start the workshops with a short meditation, which helps us to work in a more relaxed atmosphere.’ This casual environment is bonding together the 21 students who are attending the course – they argue, joke and they encourage each other.

welcome AMFI

The students are warmly welcomed at the yoga studio on their first day.

Even after a few months, the Dutch nonchalance continues to impress Nina: ‘I have the feeling that fashion comes more naturally here. The people in Amsterdam are so comfortable with their clothes and look incredibly casual whilst riding their bikes.’ Trying to embrace the lifestyle of the city that is bursting of creativity at its best, Nina is also aware that being abroad always changes a person and your way of looking at things. ‘Getting to know new people is getting to know yourself. That’s cheesy to say but true’, she laughs. ‘I found out that I am more Dutch than Brazilian. Except for the Dutch cycling obsession – I’m still glad to come home alive after a ride on my bike!’

Nina + craft bible2

Text and photos by Fenja Flormann, 2nd year International Fashion & Branding student.

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