The first AMFI iPad magazine

Written by Babette Grunder

This is the first time that students following the minor Independent Fashion Magazines at AMFI have managed to create a fashion magazine for the Ipad next to the print publication. A team of seven students did this together with their teacher Casimir Morreau in less than twelve weeks.


“Making an independent iPad fashion magazine was such a great experience”

This year the AMFI minor has taken publication to the next level. This year’s magazine team launched the very first independent fashion magazine for the Ipad produced entirely by students. This iPad edition is an extra supplement for the magazine and shows the world what you can achieve with interactive media in just a few weeks.

The AMFI magazine called ‘TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS from the Underworld’ features the bold, the outstanding and the ones who dare to take risks. The concept of the magazine gives a lot of opportunities to experiment with different interactive elements on the Ipad.

Ilana Gotz, a twenty-one year old international Ryerson student from Canada, is one of the students that helped create the Ipad magazine. She was the Art Director and in charge of the design. She is very enthusiastic about the minor, not only because it was fun. “This programme at AMFI is unique. It was such a great experience that I can take with me into the future. With this project I had a good opportunity to learn and work with new software.” The Ipad magazine has been made with the newest Apple software. “We worked a lot with Apple’s Ibook Author. We also used Keynote and Google Sketchup to create 3D animations.”

The fun thing of making an iPad magazine is that there is space to use interactivity in many different ways. The iPad magazine has a high-quality look and feel. The content is unique and interactive subtleties have been added, like videos, sounds and layouts. Roos van Bruggen, a Dutch student from Amsterdam explains: “For every article we wanted to make sure that there was a reason for it to be read on the iPad. All articles needed to have an interactive element in them, which readers could not have experienced on paper.”

The group of seven students are very proud of what they have accomplished. Despite the exclusivity of an Ipad, the number of downloads are enormous. “The reactions are amazing.  It’s a pity that not everyone can download it. But it’s not about numbers or stats for us. We hoped that there are people who scroll though our magazine and are amazed by the cool features and the quality of the content” – Ilana says with a smile.

View the ipad magazine

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