AMFI presents: fashion films

Students of AMFI’s Fashion and Visual Culture programme were challenged to create innovative fashion images. After ten weeks of photography assignments they started their film projects with a crash course in filmmaking. In less than a week they had to write, produce, shoot, direct and edit a one minute film. On Monday the students had never made a film before and on Friday they presented five short films about fashion and freedom.

The films were sent to the ‘A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival‘ competition in Barcelona and have a chance to be shown at the festival in January. The films can also be watched on the Fashion and Visual Culture’s You Tube channel:

The students are currently working on their last assignment for the Fashion and Visual Culture programme; a three to five minute film inspired by a Dutch fashion designer. These five films will be shown at cinema Het Ketelhuis during the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Fine Dining

A short story about two fierce, extravagant women entangled in a silent battle sparked by fashion envy.

Fashion Victim #064327

A boy in a mental institution is medicated by means of clothes instead of drugs. The more clothes the boy gets forced into, the more numb and suffocated he becomes.

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