AMFI students design for Maison de Bonneterie

AMFI’s own brand Individuals, has designed outfits for Maison de Bonneterie in both Amsterdam and The Hague. For the next three weeks outfits in wool by Individuals will be featured in the windows of the branches. With this Individuals follows in the footsteps of eminent design labels such as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano who have also provided creations for the Campaign for Wool, an initiative from Woolmark.

The Campaign for Wool aims to increase consumer demand for wool and wool products which has been declining in recent years. It’s about the promotion of wool as a sustainable and fashionable fabric. The campaign kicked off in London last year and has been generally hailed as a huge success by the industry. On October 5th 2011, The Dutch Campaign for Wool was launched in the Amsterdam Maison de Bonneterie.

AMFI was approached by Woolmark earlier this year and asked to collaborate in the campaign. Dormueil sponsored the fabric, and the students from last semester designed a number of garments in their collection, Nature’s Child, to promote the use of wool. The branding students from AMFI created the window displays. They were inspired by the fact that wool lasts, it’s about quality, tradition and values which endure the passage of time. When the world is in crisis, and fashion is in doubt, wool can always be depended upon.