AMFI students dress hotel rooms

During the past few months AMFI students and alumni have worked hard to decorate fashion Hotel the Exchange in Amsterdam as part of a city project for urban creative renewal.

Hotel the Exchange - Fashion 4 Star Hotel Room - Malu Gehner

‘Epaulettes’ by Malu Gehner. Photo Mirjam Bleeker

Hotel the Exchange opened its doors on the historic Damrak on December 3, 2011. For the interior design of each room, the spaces was treated with the same independence as a human model. Through this lens: the street pavement is a catwalk; lights and tables are no longer ornaments but body accessories; creases and pleats aren’t fabric features but structural form; paint colour hints at human flesh, not matching palettes. Rooms ‘dressed like fashion models’paying homage to 17th century icons takes in the shape of Rembrandt-style collars and Marie Antionette’s panniers. Other rooms draw inspiration from denim jackets, wallflowers and Frida Khalo’s wardrobe.

Hotel the Exchange - Fashion 4 Star Hotel Room - Roos Soetekouw

‘Marie Antionette’ by Roos Soetekouw. Photo Mirjam Bleeker

Eight AMFI students and alumni were selected to create a vision for the hotel rooms. Their sartorial fantasies came to life through metaphor and interpretation. Under the tutelage of Dutch Studio INA MATT, in cooperation with the Dutch Textile Museum, students created unique fabric designs. Abiding by a largely organic process, the students drew inspiration from objects like abandoned mattresses, forgotten cardboard boxes and building façades in order to dress the room and waiting areas like fashion models.

Hotel the Exchange - Fashion 4 Star Hotel Room - Juanita Koerts

‘Mestiza’ by Juanita Koerts. Photo Mirjam Bleeker.

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