Where AMFI students go… in Amsterdam

Discovering the local life, finding hidden corners and cool venues is one of the most exciting things about moving to a new city. It takes time to find your personal favourites, so we’re here to help you along. These are three places we all love and treasure and where you’ll probably run into fellow AMFI students. (Which can be yay or nay – you decide.)  


Article by Leonie Miller-Aichholz.


Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum & Boekhandel

Athenaeum is our holy grail for printed inspiration. Located on Spui, right across the byAMFI store, it offers a wide range of magazines, books, zines and newspapers to get visual and written inspiration from. Because of its unique and widespread range of print, AMFI students regularly spend hours there looking for new content, especially for first year projects like Inspiration Book.

You will find the most unique independent magazines, and discover new zines and genres you never even knew existed! If you got a few hours on your hands just pop by and browse through, or ask for something specific – the salespeople are always happy to help. Also, AMFI students get 10% off every purchase, so make sure to bring your student ID!


Pro tip: Outside the shop there is a discount box, where you can find treasures for -50% or more! You gotta be quick to get the best offers and keep in mind that the regular 10% AMFI discount doesn’t count here.


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Although the HvA campus and the AMFI building offer some nice working areas, it can get quite boring to sit in the same old buildings all day, and I often find myself super uninspired and tired there. That’s why I love places like Zoku and any student that is looking for a motivating place to work outside the HVA campus will agree!


Zoku is super close to AMFI, right along Weesperstraat, and provides an energetic and comfortable environment for work and meetings. There’s shared working tables if you feel like being surrounded by people or cozy, pillowy corners with more privacy. In the summer you can sit on the many terraces and enjoy a bit of sun while getting sh*t done. What I like about this place is the balance between café/restaurant and workspace, which makes the atmosphere super casual and inviting yet professional.

Pro tip: They offer a yummy lunch buffet for 19€ including drinks and coffee which you can lowkey share with your workmate if you’re sneaky.  





When it comes to cafés and restaurants in Amsterdam there is a huge variety and the choices seem endless. So how come the Skatecafe is such a hotspot for the cool kids of Amsterdam?


First, it’s run by lovely people who enjoy their time there as much as any guest, which creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere.


Second, the food is amazing, a lot better than what they serve in some restaurants in the center, yet it’s cheaper – shoutout to all broke students!
The entrance is always free, even if you just come to skate, which answers your question if it’s called Skatecafe for a reason – yes!


People can actually skate there, but it’s not at all restricted to skaters only. There’s different events with different people, but great music always, so just check on facebook or their website what’s going on. During the day you hang out, eat, chill, skate and in the evenings you dance your butt off.


Pro tip: If you want to get the full Noord experience, go to IJ-hallen in the morning and find the most amazing vintage picks on the biggest flea market in Europe (!), and continue to Skatecafe after to eat, drink and dance! Sounds like a good plan, no?



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