Why these AMFI students are joining the Climate March

As a fashion community the only trend we should be looking at right now is climate change, and that’s why we’re making a call to action! March 10th will mark the Netherlands’ biggest climate mobilisation, here’s why we’re joining and why we think you should join us too.


Article by Hello Goodbuy


We’re a group of AMFI students who believe it’s time for the fashion community to unite and show solidarity with the global climate justice movement. That the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, we all know by now. However, even though many companies within the fashion industry are proving to be committed to sustainability, we have yet to see real far-reaching changes at the scale that is necessary. We don’t just want ethical fashion, we want ethical fashion to be the norm and not the exception or the luxury.



In response to the climate crisis a change must happen on all levels, from individual- as well as industry wide practices. But a few brands changing their business models, and a handful of well-educated fashionistas we’re not going to put an end to overconsumption. Now it’s time to look towards our world leaders. It’s time for them to take responsibility, show leadership and to be visionary. Only when working together on an individual, industry and governmental level, can real far-reaching changes for good be made for the fashion industry and the wider world.


We’re joining the Climate March to demand the Dutch government to take bold decisions, and to find real solutions where the biggest polluters such as the fossil fuel industry are held accountable.


The climate doesn’t wait until you graduate, so join us on March 10! You can find all the information here!

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