The second year design students who spent hours of their time sewing and sketching, no sleep, crappy food and probably shed a few tears, showed their designs at a fashion show the 17th of December. The show was held at ‘the Floor’ at the KSH building. There was a big crowd full of family, friends, students, the teachers and even a few members of the H&M design and pattern team.

by Esther Havinga


Models and designers waiting for the rehearsals before the show.

The designs are based on a division line from H&M, such as H&M Women, H&M Men, Divided Girls or Divided Boys. Within the group, there is one concept that each student translates in their own personal and creative way. It was interesting to see, how one collection appears as coherent, even though the designs incorporated individual aspects, take the choice of colors, type of silhouette or which you can see in the details.


An important subject during this project was sustainability, which the students had to think about and connect with their design. It is important to show, how you can design on a sustainable level to get more knowledge, but also inspire others. Think about using recycled materials, low or even no waste, multifunctional, natural dying or collections made out of one material.   


Last minute adjustments, before the show can start.

You could sense the rush, pressure and maybe a little bit of fear. A few minutes before the show, the designers backstage were working on last minute adjustments such as sewing the last details for perfection, steaming the clothes so it is representative. There was stress, chaos and excitement from the designers, as the models. Being backstage, to look at all the work they have made and to support the students gave, even me, a stress but proud feeling.

At the end, the students pulled it off and the show was impressive. Glamour with attitude is, how I would describe it. The designs were showed in collections,  where the music and models fit perfectly with the clothes that were created.


Walking the runway hand in hand: designers and models wearing their designs, at the end of the show.

The show was made by both, Dutch and international students. Every part was interesting to look at because of the variety between the collections that kept your attention. One collection had their focus on the playfulness from the old game ‘Scooby doo’, where another collection had something mysterious because of the masks they were wearing.

AMFI x H&M Divided girls

This was a type of fashion show, where you walked away with a feeling that you came for something good, something new and inspiring.

The importance of this show was highlighted by the representatives of H&M’s design team, who were following the students and their work during this process.


Designers and the models wearing their design, proud and relieved after the show.

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