Amsterdam as fashion hub for entrepreneurs

Untitled by Marcus Ekner - Amsterdam Economic Board

AMFI launches a new master programme

Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) launches a new master programme that educates fashion entrepreneurs. The first group of students starts in September 2016. The master programme Fashion Enterprise Creation is two years and focuses on (new) fashion entrepreneurs who want to start a business. Students are trained in the essential skills to be entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. There is close collaboration with the London College of Fashion, where similar Master courses are also offered. Each institute has an exchange module and lecturers and students exchange resources and networks, stimulating collaborations among students of both programmes.

Amsterdam as fashion hub for entrepreneurs

With initiatives such as Denim City Headquarters and the Recycle Lab for Circular Fashion Amsterdam is continuing to develop as a hotbed for the fashion industry. The flourishing climate of the creative industry, entrepreneurship and the international orientation of the region contribute to this development. The availability of this master is a new step to stimulate and strengthen the local fashion sector. The Board and the economy of Amsterdam thus also support this initiative.

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