April showers bring May flowers

As April blooms into May, have a pleasant scroll through some memorable social media moments from last month – from some people and places that are part of our community.

Second-year #squadgoals.

💅🏻👑 #onthursdayswewearpink #latergram #amfi #amfi #amfi!!!!

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Getting extracurricular with iSKO Denim.


Hot off the presses: Fashion & Editorial Branding minor.


Alumnus Christiaan de Vries joins MOAM.


Twelve second-year designers start a journey.

Woopwoop. Honours selection 2016 #honours #amfi #petten #Noordzee

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Beyond Green workshops with sustainability pioneers.


Way to go Gwen!🏅 Sustainable Young 100!


Alumnus Zahra interviewed by De Ondernemer.

VICE x AMFI made possible by Pascal x Casimir!

Pascal Rotteveel - Creative Director Vice











Look mom. I’m teaching! 🎓 Who would’ve thought. #AMFI #VICE @pascalrotteveel

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