Are you skirting with me?

This will be the last post on Garment, as the Independent Fashion Magazine programme has come to an end. On Saturday the 6th of July we celebrated our creation in style during the launch at the by AMFI Statement Store in Amsterdam. The store has been transformed into a Garment utopia where one can not only purchase the magazine but also buy our handmade products and check out the iPad magazine on skirt suits as well.

Garment is a magazine that takes on a different clothing item every issue. For the kick-off we tackled the skirt. During the launch at by AMFI vendor boys and girls walked around in a Garment fashion with folded magazine spread emblazoned skirts and logo t-shirts, topped off with a Garment product packaging headpiece. They walked around selling magazines and helping the guests to some celebratory bubbles. Many known and unknown outsiders came to admire the newborn magazine as the DJ played tunes and the guests nibbled on special chocolate marshmallows from the Metropolitan Deli in Amsterdam.

The magazine is combined with the AMFI yearbook in one. An extension that presents all the new graduates in a typical Garment style. Besides the yearbook, there are various other brand extensions to explore. On our website you can find all sorts of skirt information that surpass the magazine. From skirt of the day to Sk-art. Moreover, the Garment iPad magazine tackles the skirt suit through various articles and fabulous shoots. Through social media one can enjoy snippets of skirts on a daily basis. Various outlets are covered to ensure that you get the information through your favourite one be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Vine. And let’s not forget the products that can be purchased at the by AMFI store. Various products to go with your mini, midi or maxi skirt.

From this week onwards Garment will be available in many bookstores around the world. This has been made possible by our amazing sales team who worked around the clock to be able to hold the magazine and yearbook in our hands. We have had a great rollercoaster ride bringing this brand to life and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did creating it.

Photography: Kiersten Hay. About the author: I am Suzanne van Heerde, a 4th year Fashion & Branding student at AMFI living in the Hague. Next to my study I do a lot of styling, photography and I’m the co-founder of Splitternakt Vintage.

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