Being creative and having fun: it is just clothes!

Realizing the reality of the fashion world, gaining confidence and defining her own designer ID:  we met Floortje, 1st year student for design, for one final interview. Will we see her here next year?


Student: Floortje Mantel

Department: Fashion & Design

Interview: Ella Possek


Now that the 1st year is coming to an end, how is your overall feeling regarding the second semester?

“I absolutely loved it! In this semester I was finally able to apply all the skills AMFI thought me in order to actually make a collection. The semester was divided into concept phase and collection phase. Making the collection was my favorite. I love working with my hands, I love to create! And making my own garment gave me the absolute freedom in the creation.”

Floortje in the sewing room, busy with fittings for a classmate.

Floortje in the sewing room at AMFI. While the faces behind her indicate that something  about the dress is not yet perfect, Floortje shows she already manages the skills of being the perfect fitting model.

Looking back at the year and what you have learned about the fashion industry? Would you say that your attitude/opinion towards fashion has changed since last August?

“Yes, I have realized that the reality of the fashion world is actually very different than what fashion actually means to me. To me fashion is dazzling, meaningful, inspiring; when in reality most fashion is the same, pretty commercial. And God knows where it was produced and under what circumstances. As a fashion student, I can only hope that people will start caring more about how their clothes are made and realize what fast fashion is doing to the industry.”

In our last interview you said: “In fashion you’re allowed to have fun and still get your message across”. Do you still think/feel that way?

“Yes, that still defines my ‘designer ID’. My final collection was all about fun and randomness. Believe it or not but I got inspired by a melon! I wanted to make something which is recognizable, but slightly distorted. Making a statement about how we can twist the mundane instead of becoming dull in an endless routine. I designed for a persona that lives in an average mind, but has a mind that is out of control. With Melon I wanted to invite people to see the mundane in a new way.”

“With ‘Melon’ I wanted to make something recognizable but slightly distorted, making a statement about how we can twist the mundane instead of becoming dull in an endless routine”; Floortje’s final design.

Floortje also twisted the mundane in her presentation of the dress by showing it in the Amsterdam metro.

We are a year after you started studying at the Amfi, how would you say you have changed as a student / as a person?

“I am still the same impulsive, strange person that I was, but I have definitely gained confidence. You need a thick skin to study at AMFI, so believe you are great but don’t get complacent. Be creative and thoughtful, and most important: remember that in the end it is all about clothes, so don’t take it too seriously.”

“Sometimes you just gotta sit in a trippy tank in the center of London and get inspired”; The London trip as Floortje’s most memorable moment

Floortje’s most memorable moment of the last year was the trip to London and shows us what she meant by not taking it all too seriously:  “Sometimes you just gotta sit in a trippy tank in the center of London and get inspired.”

It was exciting to  follow your development throughout the first year at AMFI – I assume we will meet here again year in September?

“Definitely! I would like to keep on cultivating my creativity and my style; I want to continue studying, to prepare myself for the future. It also was lovely to chat and get to know you Ella, we should do more interviews next year!”

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