Beyond Green

Beyond Green is a series of talks about sustainability and fashion to inform and inspire AMFI students to adopt sustainable thinking and practices.

Since 2005 AMFI has hosted Beyond Green, a symposium for students and teachers to discuss the latest issues in sustainability with specific regard to how the fashion industry operates. Speakers with diverse fields of expertise from across the world continue to challenge us to adapt to changes we all are facing.

The 2017 edition of Beyond Green cuts through the noise, the pledges and the ambitions — in short, the long-standing blah blah surrounding sustainability in the fashion industry, and moves straight to practice. We will take students and industry on a 5-step journey into circularity and introduce you to the latest tools, innovations, and know-how that you need to challenge the status quo.

A report of the October 20th 2017 edition can be found here.

Below is a selection of the topics and speakers Beyond Green has hosted. Stay tuned for additional media content.

Towards a Zero Waste Industry- 2016 edition

Zero Waste Fashion – Mark Liu (2009)

Textile Structures – Adriaan Beukers (2009)

Slow Fashion – Carloyn Strauss (2009)

Fashion Future 2025 – Vicky Murray (2010)

Intoxica Denim – Kentroy Yearwood (2010)

Cradle to Cradle – Ljiljana Rodic (2010)

Upcycling Garments – Tom Duhoux (2010)

Toxic Fabrics – Ilze Smit (2011)

Biomimicry – Carole Collette (2011)

Catalytic Clothing – Helen Storey (2011)

Fiber Innovation – Charlene Ducas (2011)

Bio-based Plastics – Christiaan Bolck (2011)

Next Nature – Koert van Mensvoort (2012)

The Green Collective – Holly Syrett (2012)

Studio JUX – Carlien Helmink (2013)

Charlie + Mary – Annouk Post (2013)

Glue Jeans – Gerrit Uittenbogaard (2013)

Fair Wear Foundation – Tara Scally (2014)

Circular Economy – Hèléne Smits (2014)

Value Mapping – C. Kraaijenhagen (2014)

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