Beyond Tree Hugging – online magazine

The Sustainability Week of AMFI –Amsterdam Fashion Institute- from 7 to 11 November was all about environmental issues & fashion. Two hundred second year students from all AMFI departments worked on different assignments and the results are bundled in an online magazine and released Monday the 14th of November.

Beyond Tree Hugging is a one-off digital magazine created by fifteen 2nd year AMFI-students about fashion and sustainability. It shows a creative and fun way of looking at the green issues in fashion.

Katharina Barthel, Lena Dischinger

Sjoerd van Beelen, Bibian Bingen, Juliette de Dreu, Ryfa Felicia, Sannah Harman, Rebecca Herrlich, Thomas Lindenmann, Juliette Sijnja, Laura Wagemans.

Jakub Oleskevic, Justin Rahantoknam, Marije Rottier, Sophie Schaminée.

Jean Casimir Morreau, Frank Wijlens