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The first ‘fictional assignment’  I’ve told you about in my previous post only prepared us for what was coming: the development of a new visual identity for a real brand or young designer. A couple of weeks ago we met the designers we were assigned to as couples. After a short introduction at AMFI we went to see their workspaces. During this meeting all groups had the possibility to listen to the designer and ask questions. With this being the only chance to absorb the current brand identity, focus was needed!

From there every couple dove into their brand and weeks of tweaking the current brand identity and market analysis followed. Once everyone nailed their identities and the opportunities were clear, the next phase could be entered: coming up with a concept for the new visual identity.

The new concept direction, which was based on our research conclusions and presented in a 3 minute pitch, was the foundation for the new visual identity. During four weeks every couple worked on their brand book  in which the new created identity was presented. Some very nice books came out, whilst others just missed the mark.

Bravoure brand book spread by Dewi Vermeltvort and Merle van der Wal

MOOST brand book by Ashley Deckers and Fanny Klumper

After our assessment, the last and probably most exiting phase of our specialisation has been entered: delivering a final project in line with the new identity. This can be in form of a website, store design or something else the brand needs. These products will be presented during an event at the end of June. Here, both couples that worked for the same brand or designer, will have one last chance to convince the designer and the coaches that their idea is the best.

So that is all pretty damn exciting! But before we get here, there’s a lot to take in, and a lot to work on. I will keep you posted on our final executions.

Short Biography:
I’m Fanny, third year Fashion & Branding student at AMFI, currently participating in the specialisation programme Brands&Identity. I enjoy photography, writing, cooking and good wine.

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