Blog: Brands & Identity final executions

And so, before most of us even realised, it was over. In only 6 weeks, me and my classmates managed to finish our final product, tweak our brand books (if needed), build a stand and pitch for our designers like there was no tomorrow!

But, let’s first get back to where I left of: the brand books. Like I said, these books formed the foundation for our final execution. So, it was very important to have a strong book you felt comfortable working with. It turned out that not every couple felt this way, which is why almost everyone took some more time to tweak the books. Because of this, from the moment we got our brand book feedback, it was of great importance to come up with a realistic schedule showing how to divide time between perfecting the brand books and the final execution. And since there were only six weeks left, pressure was on!

For the final product, many different executions were chosen. One of the Bravoure couples very bravely decided to create a fully functioning website. In only three weeks they came up with a website including moving visuals, multiple layers and a blog full of Bravoure inspiration. Respect.

A fully functioning website for Bravoure

Another couple, working for the designer Koen Tossijn of Atelier Tossijn, created a house style while other groups created style books. These books came in different formats: one book showed the brands retail environment, while another contained print inspiration. One style book even gave direction and inspiration for an entire collection.

These final products, combined with a casual, personal yet professional pitch, did the job: all the designers were very happy. And so I can easily say the event and specialisation were a great success.

Jan and Lisanne pitching for Broer and Zus

With great thanks to Jo, Angela, Eline and Herman

Short Biography:
I’m Fanny, third year Fashion & Branding student at AMFI, currently participating in the specialisation programme Brands&Identity. I enjoy photography, writing, cooking and good wine.

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