Blog: Brands & Identity kick-off

It was literally at the end of the world where our programme Brands&Identity kicked-off; Wongema, a place where creatives can come together to share their ideas in a different way. We, a group third year Fashion & Branding students, travelled to the upmost Northern point of Groningen to work on a creative assignment for two days.

After hours on end of travelling, we finally reached our destination and we have to admit: it was worth the endless trip. The quietness and beautiful scenery took our breaths away! It was the beginning of February and the weather changed dramatically, minus ten degrees and a snow white landscapes stretched up to the horizon. And just like Erik, founder of Wongema, promised us, this visit had already opened our eyes in a new and inspiring way. This two-day trip was a great start for coming five months in which we will be working on identities of brands and young designers.

After this adventure up North, the real deal started. In groups of four we were assigned to a ‘dead brand’ in order to come up with a recommendation to revitalise the brand. By dead brand we obviously don’t mean a dead designer, but a brand which, both to internal and external factors, ceased to exist. It was up to us to research these factors and to come up with a plan to revive the brand. The brands we worked on were Ozzie Clarke, Claude Montana, Christian Lacroix and Luella. The recommendations for these brands, which were all unique in their own way, were presented in a short pitch after five weeks of in-depth analysis. Next phase we’ll start working on the visual identities of young brands and designers. Will keep you posted!

Short Biography:
I’m Fanny, third year Fashion & Branding student at AMFI, currently participating in the specialisation programme Brands&Identity. I enjoy photography, writing, cooking and good wine.



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