Blog: Fashion & Visual Culture – Film Week

After finalising our adventure with the medium photography within the Fashion & Visual Culture programme, we were ready for our next project. Film Week; also known as our first acquaintance with the world of filmmaking. A week filled with creativity, stress, all-nighters, inspiring lectures and new information overload. Creating a one-minute meaningful fashion film within 5 days? Let’s do this!

Step 1: Creating your concept inspired by the theme Fashion & Freedom. Director, Art-Director, Director of Photography and Producer titles have been divided. The challenge lies in merging the different mindsets of the four different crewmembers into one.

Step 2: Writing the script. Led by the experienced filmmakers Sia Hermanides and Alieke van Saarloos, all six crews managed to get their ideas on paper.

Step 3: Location. ‘Hi, I’m a student of AMFI making a super cool fashion film, minor detail: there is no budget. But I can give you credits, pretty please?’ Well, this worked out for most crews, but not for ours this time. We ended up in the super hidden basement of our own AMFI building. Ever expected we have such a cool in-house dungeon? Last minute improvisation is part of the deal of filmmaking.

Step 4: ‘Camera ready, take 4, let’s roll.’ Rise and shine early birds, filmmakers start early. There’s a lot to take care off before we can exactly start filming. The set has to look flawless, the actors have to go through hair & make-up, lights, camera set-up, props… For us as inexperienced students in filmmaking, a lot to take care of and think about. But, when you see it all come together in the end, you feel that it was all worth it. That’s a wrap people!

Can’t wait to create our end film, where we have 7 weeks to create a 3-minute fashion film inspired by a Dutch Fashion Designer. There will be much more time to do the post- production and take all the experiences from this week into a (hopefully) major end result.

Text written by Maddie Raedts, 4th year Fashion & Branding student.

Overview of all the one-minute fashion films:

The Colour of Envy


What A Drama

The Fashion Virus

Room of Doom


Fashion & Visual Culture programme: Third and fourth year AMFI students started this semester with the Fashion & Visual Culture programme. The aim of this programme is to visualise fashion in exciting, innovative and meaningful ways. During these twenty weeks these students will let you be part of the process by reflecting and writing about their experiences.


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