Blog: Fashion & Visual Culture – The Kuleshov effect

Seven weeks into the Fashion & Visual Culture programme, hours of research, hundreds of test photos, putting images together, taking them away again, putting things into perspective. We just rounded up the second assignment that was a sequence. We got to experiment with the Kuleshov effect by creating 3 to 5 images in order to convey a message. A specific message about a specific designer that we wanted to share. This led to scrutinizing our designer and his or her aesthetic.

The Kuleshov effect is a film editing effect demonstrated by the Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov in the 1910’s and 1920’s. He screened a short film of still images for an audience. An expressionless face of the Tsarist matinee idol, Ivan Mosjoukine, appeared in between 3 other shots. A plate of soup, a girl and a coffin. The audience raved upon the acting of Mosjoukine. His hunger, lust and grievance were all oh so well exemplified in his facial expressions. However, they weren’t aware of the fact that it was the same image and expression over and over again. The brain puts two and two together in order to add meaning to the images we see.

I chose the London based designer Holly Fulton and found out that there was a cocktail inspired by her served at the Mayfair Bar during London Fashion Week: whiskey sour with candy inside and garnished with a maraschino cherry. She also loves to listening to R&B and grime when she goes for a run. That was solid information that led me to her infatuation with stupendous bad taste.

Photo by Li Jia Chao

When the day came around for us to show and tell, the most amazing sequences were presented. From an Icarus-like figure on the beach, to a drip of honey in a navel. A fabric covered man lying on the floor with cups and saucers on his body to an arm reaching out from a wall mirrored tons of times giving us a haunting effect.

Take a look at all the alluring sequences and let them tell you their story.

Photo by Sjoerd van Beelen

Photo by Pawel Koszarowski

Text written by Suzanne van Heerde, 4th year Fashion & Branding student.

Fashion & Visual Culture programme:
Third and fourth year AMFI students started this semester with the Fashion & Visual Culture programme. The aim of this programme is to visualize fashion in exciting, innovative and meaningful ways. During the next few months these students will let you be part of the process by reflecting and writing about their experiences.


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