Blog: Fashion & Visual Culture – Troubleshooting

After the film week, the Fashion & Visual Culture programme continued with the making of a short fashion film, inspired by a Dutch designer. One can easily elaborate on the whole period, yet one day of filming is enough to get a feeling of the elements, twists and difficulties involved. Therefore this extract of my dairy:

‘Wednesday, 9th of January. Shot list: yes. Camera and batteries: check. Arriving at 9 am at the Lloyd Hotel: sort of. Nothing seemed to obstruct this first day of filming. The script, based on the unbreakable bond between twins, would partly be captured in the hallways of this hotel, a reference to the movie The Shining by Kubrick.

But as soon as Film Director Sannah and I scanned the hallway, disaster struck: the hallway was not as cinematically interesting as expected. Therefore we had to come up with a plan B. The staircase was our savior, eventually even more suitable for a clash between our protagonists (the twins) and antagonist (the bad guy). 

Lingerie collection: Tess van Zalinge

Improvising suddenly became a priority, regarding the little amount of time left. Shots were altered to fit in this new setting and existing props, such as a mirror, became valuable assets. Meanwhile our twins arrived in our booked-suite-turned-backstage area, where Art Director Li Jia fitted them into the lingerie of AMFI graduate Tess van Zalinge, the designer of our choice for this film.

Finally we started filming and equipped with a walker, we executed our improvised dolly-shots, which proved to be more than just a cinematographic highlight. With me on the machine, Sannah as gripper and Producer Sophie as speed controller, these walker shots became the ultimate symbol of teamwork.

Small issues (including lighting and tampons) were tackled by great solutions. As the shooting continued, our cast turned out to be very talented, which made the camerawork quite entertaining. Halfway in the evening, exhaustion and satisfaction merged with the completion of the final shot. One down, two to go, but first a whisky.’

Yesterday, two weeks later, all six films were launched at Het Ketelhuis, including our film ‘ The Double Room’. This week there are viewings from Wednesday the 23rd until Friday the 25th at 5 pm. Keep an eye out to this website for more sneak peeks and behind the scenes shots.

Text: Sjoerd van Beelen Director of Photography – The Double Room (3rd year Fashion & Branding student).

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