Branding graduate Travis Rice made it to the Rivet’s most influential 5 of the Rivet 50

Rivet 50

Rivet’s Influential 50 is an index of the most creative and forward-thinking leaders, driving the global jeans industry. The Influential 50 represent the upward direction, the denim community strives for with each new collection: innovation and technology.

by Loeka de Vries

We are so proud to announce that Travis Rice, a Fashion & Branding graduate from AMFI, made it to the Rivet’s most influential 5 of the Rivet 50.

Looking at the lineup of Rivet’s 50 including people like Virgil Abloh, The Kardashian and Jenner Sisters, Raf Simons and many more important names in the fashion industry. Travis Rice is now included in that list!

Travis Rice

With his life quote “Have the COURAGE TO BE yourself, it will be harder and easier than you can ever imagine.”, Travis describes himself as a modern day Renaissance man with a background as a primary school teacher and a current pursuit in the world of fashion and branding. Besides Travis being a man with many talents, he finds himself being the best at copywriting and concept development. In these talents, he pursuits both, social sustainability and the denim industry. He feels like there is a moral integrity in his approach to elevate brands and industries to the next level.


Travis is the Alliance for Responsible Denim project manager. He supports brands’ efforts to go green, nudge at a time. If you are just like us wondering how he got into denim, here is the answer. When Travis was little, he was obsessed with animals. “Therefore, going to the zoo was the highlight of my summer. Each time I went to the zoo, I had to wear my Oshkosh overalls. Why? No rhyme or reason. There are at least five photos, from 1990 to 1995, of me at a zoo, wearing Oshkosh overalls.” he says.


A question most denim lovers get asked is: “what is your favorite pair of jeans?”. Travis responds to this with an answer that origins from his childhood: “I have never been someone to have a favorite pair of jeans, favorite shoes or a favorite shirt. I source my wardrobe from a variety of places. I’ve never been brand loyal and get inspired on a daily basis. Perhaps I should see if Oshkosh makes adult-size overalls.”

Travis in Rivet 50

We see that being modest is one of Rice his characteristics by claiming he didn’t receive the successes of the Alliance for Responsible Denim (ARD) alone.

But we give him a lot of credit for coordinating the organization’s sizeable roster, which includes founding partners (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Circle Economy and Made-By), brands (G-Star Raw, MUD Jeans, Nudie Jeans, Kings of Indigo, Kuyichi), mills (Bossa, Kilim Denim, Orta Anadolu, Tavex, Tejidos Royo) and other stakeholders.


What does Travis do?

Travis is a project manager, this means that he helps create the base for the ARD to build a “cleaner, smarter” denim industry. He facilitates the efforts of the two main working groups (denim finishing and post-consumer recycled denim), connects ARD’s work with kindred initiatives, assembles the quarterly plenary meetings, promotes existing members and solicits new ones. Although denim is often driven by heritage, Rice believes that the industry is shifting toward innovation, which, he pointedly noted, isn’t the same thing as what’s trending.


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