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Individuals SSBY21-1

byAMFI is the Statement Store of Amsterdam Fashion Institute. It offers a platform to showcase the beautiful work that is made by our students, teachers and alumni. A team of second year students from all three departments designs inspiring concepts for the interior and organises events.

byAMFI is literally AMFI’s shop window in the heart of Amsterdam city centre and a place favourably visited by professionals and fashion lovers from the creative and commercial industry.

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Statement Store


Retail Concepts

AMFI talent

AMFI Talent 

current concept
Individuals SSBY21-2


The current concept showcases iNDiViDUALS’ summer collection SSBY21. During the collection presentation at Amsterdam Fashion Week, the brand astonished the audience by having no catwalk. Emotion and experience were central to the performance, as sound was used in an innovative way by a collaboration with MediaLab Amsterdam.

The striking feature of this collection is the use of red paint on white and unbleached garments, from small accents to completely red styles. The commercial collection and unique pieces are now both for sale in byAMFI. Brands such as Halona, Daphny Raes, Winter in Holland, Atelier de l’ArméeCora Verhoog, A LáOyuki Denim and many more can also be found.

about by amfi

Spui 23
1012 WX Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 525 8133

Opening hours
Tue-Sat – 12-18h
Sun-Mon – Closed

Store Manager

Rosiane Kuijper
+31 (0)6 13 50 97 26

Rosiane Kuijper (Project Manager)

Frank Jurgen Wijlens (Coordination)

Toon Agterberg (Interior & Art)

Desiré Wilders
Lotte de Groot
Daniël Heijl
Lele Dechamps
Nina Arend
Xana Harmsen
Rosa Rosendal
Valerie Hannwacker
Kim Sarah Bürger

Curio Stories current concept

Curio Stories

Our hunger for inspiration causes us to fill the byAMFI store with infinite treasures; a collection of meaningful objects, snapshots of people’s lives, eccentricities and joyful experiences. Art is mixed with science, old with new, man-made with natural.

byAMFI invites you to our contemporary cabinet of curiosities that is full of remarkable objects we borrowed from dear friends and colleagues. You can purchase items of designers still undiscovered and get inspired by the extraordinary work of Cora Verhoog, Ineke Vijn, and Idiots.


ELEMENT showroom

The current concept of byAMFI focuses on iNDiViDUALS’ latest collection ELEMENT, presented at the Opening night of Amsterdam Fashion Week. Even though it’s a showroom, visitors can see, feel and try on the collection before it will go into production. Quite a unique experience! At the same time samples of last year’s collection DUALS are on sale at byAMFI.

The Incubator

The Incubator

The Incubator concept is about the mysterious and inspiring world of  future fashion; exploring smart fibers and fabrics and the influence of technology on fashion.

First of August

First of August

byAMFI meets the world of First of August (FoA), a blog created by Karlijn Boersma on August 1st, 2010. First of August is raw documentation of artistic life. Karlijn Boersma searches for the true identity of individuals based on their interest and activities.

The archive

The Archive

The Archive presents and sells selected items of iNDiViDUALS clothing from past collections. The brand is a platform for fashion creativity. It features a changing collective of young creatives that contribute their own chapter to a continuing fashion story.


TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS from the Underworld

TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS plays with extreme proportions in materials, silhouettes and prints. The magazine looks beyond the mainstream and highlights all the outstanding fashion, intriguing people and outrageous ideas in the creative industry. TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS are bold, outstanding and ready to pounce.

DUALS Showroom

DUALS showroom

A showroom with the iNDiViDUALS autumn/winter 2012 collection DUALS for retailers and press. In this collection the iNDiViDUALS brand reacts with passion and force to today’s society with a raw street wear collection, full of references to the city and to a nomadic lifestyle.


ANT fashion magazine

ANT fashion magazine celebrates personal passions of creative talents and features the pleasantly obsessed. ANT fashion magazine focuses on the international fashion scene and devotees of independent fashion magazines worldwide. A world of creative talent and their slightly neurotic urge of creating is being examined



iNDiViDUALS opens Fashion Week Downtown, the public programme of the Amsterdam Fashion Week, with the installation \’10×10\’, based on ten iconic elements that characterize the brand.

divine madness

Devine Madness

Strong opposites dominate this concept. Each image tells a different story; divine butterflies, raw meat elevated into jewellery, pressed fruit on a tender girl’s face and elegant moss growing out of a pair of trousers. All images are created byAMFI students following the Fashion & Visual Culture programme; exploring the boundaries of fashion photography.



Souvenir brings back to childhood memories. The concept is inspired by Martine Johanna’s art and current illustrations. Symbols and organic shapes, but also fashion and art, the planet, life, love and death, are sources of inspiration to Martine Johanna, also teaching at AMFI.


ODD Magazine

Odd is a personal magazine that focuses on the lives of international fashion professionals. Based on the six degrees of separation theory, the magazine explores six connections between seven people’s lives and styles. These seven key people are the core for a magazine about fashion and photography inspired by personal stories about creative life –  in a little bit of an odd style.

The store


THE STORE W10,40m x L11,25m x H2,96m, four walls, floor and a ceiling, 35m3 filled with oxygen and dreams. THE STORE grasps things people love and puts them together in the net of its concepts. THE STORE thinks in colours that don\’t yet exist, and creates forms that don’t limit.



Ever dreamt of running away to the circus? The iNDiViDUALS Spring/Summer 2011 collection is all about capturing the essence of lightness. A sensation of being launched from a cloud-high trapeze. Finding safety in dangerous altitudes, while leaving all inhibitions behind. For a moment everything is possible.



During the first period the sustainable fashion label and non-profit organisation Satara is the main focus of this concept. Satara stimulates underprivileged women in India to become socially and financially independent. The collection of Satara is designed by Design graduates Lotte Biermasz, Sofie Claes and Tuija Mantyla. In the second period the concept evolves into ‘Groeikas’ in which collaborations and sustainability come together. The interior and assortment keep growing constantly.

peek a blue

Peek-A-Blue Peek

A Blue creates an environment in which indigo gives a surreal feeling to the world of an inspired fashion student. A shaped student room with endless incentives and surprises; a room which breaths passion and energy. The creation of jeans products with each its own story. Think of one-of-a-kind jeans designed by AMFI students and jewellery inspired by jeans.