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A brand as a safe place for young queers

Graduation. For some students the most nerve wracking part of their study – for others a party. We follow three graduates in this semester. Branding graduate Travis Rice is creating […]


Stay tight for a new magazine

Last Thursday students of the minor Fashion & Editorial Branding presented four options for new editions of Garment. The 2014 AMFI magazine may be re-launched at the end of June. […]

"Guiding students who have a story to tell, is a special thing for me to do."

Honours Design: Making talent shine

Last week the annual selection of the AMFI Honours Program took place and the names are soon to be published. To find out according on what criteria the students will […]

Spotted: A typical Amfi student in her natural habitat. Photo by Anouchka Gauthier.

Berlin is never Berlin

“Paris is always Paris and Berlin never is Berlin.” Opening with a quote migt be a bit corny,  but with this one I simply could not resist as it is […]