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Image: Simon from Candiani explaining the denim production process on-site. (credits: Hugo Henri Guthan, Estonian exchange student from Danish TEKO)

Denim students take on Italy!

By Eva van Stekelenburg, 4th year Fashion & Branding (and Denim student!)   Last month, the students of the minor Denim took a trip to Italy, where they visited the […]

iSKO Denim Innovation

Innovation in Denim with iSKO

Fourth-year International Fashion & Branding student Franziska Sauerwein was invited to partipate in a special denim innovation workshop after winning the iSKOOL marketing award last summer. Earlier this year me […]

Levis XX Amsterdam AMFI Denim

AMFI Denim inspires new ways of thinking

It’s not just about the brand – third-year Branding student Hilde Lucker shares her thoughts on her to-date experience with the AMFI Denim programme. She is learning quickly that teaming […]