Celebrating Christmas abroad

Students from AMFI love to go abroad for their study to do an internship, exchange or minor programme. With Christmas coming up, AMFI was curious to see how some of these students are celebrating their holidays while away from school.

Wendy Wang

Wendy Wang, third year International Fashion & Branding student, is interning at V magazine in New York: ‘Being in New York was the wake-up call I needed: the fashion industry is a serious business. It’s about working your butt off 24/7, because people in fashion publishing have no patience. They appreciate it if you can give them what they need before they have to ask for it. In New York fashion is more calculated. Fashion in the Netherlands is much more effortless, we Dutchies have that casual I-don’t-care-much-look that I love. It is subtle and genuine, while everything here is a show! Between Christmas and New Year’s the office will be closed, so I will finally have the opportunity to enjoy New York with my friends coming over from Holland.’

Isabelle Sporleder

Isabelle Sporleder is a 4th year Fashion & Branding student doing an exchange at the Winchester School of Arts in the UK: ‘I am doing my exchange here at Winchester School of Arts in marketing and entrepreneurship. I have worked on a marketing plan for Rag&Bone and did an entrepreneurial analysis of net-a-porter founder Natalie Massenet. Even though I did organise a ‘Sinterklaas’ party with a few Dutch students to bridge the homesickness, the university here misses out on a Christmas tree in the entrance hall – nowhere close to the Christmas spirit you get in AMFI’s hallway!’

Beatrice Talamona

Beatrice Talamona, 4th year student International Fashion & Management, is interning at OPERA OPERA, a vintage Italian boutique in Hong Kong. ‘I have learnt about retail management and buying techniques as well as visual merchandising. Most importantly, I have learnt how to communicate between buyers and customers, as this is a fundamental link for good sales. Looking back on my internship it was amazing to contribute to building up the success of OPERA OPERA. For the last 20 weeks I have been working 9 hours a day, six days a week, so I am taking a break and going home to Italy to celebrate Christmas with my family.’

Denise van Gent

3rd year Fashion & Design student Denise van Gent doing an internship at Alexander Wang in New York City: ‘I am designing prints, drawings and fabric swatches. I am also learning more about embroidery techniques, dying fabrics, and designing with Photoshop and Illustrator. The big difference between New York and Amsterdam is the size! Everything here is bigger. This is also true for the fashion world because you can practically find every type of fabric, zipper or button. What I miss about Holland are my friends, family and my bike. For Christmas two friends from AMFI are coming over and then I will finally have time to go ice-skating at Rockerfeller center!’

Needless to say all these students are making memories for a lifetime. We wish them (and you) a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Text written by Mary Bouwense, 2nd year Fashion & Management student. Images by the students themselves.

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