Checking in with Tosca: F & VC checked in with third-year International Fashion & Branding student Tosca Rundholz to gather some insight into her experience in the Fashion & Visual Culture programme this semester.  

Tosca Rundholz - Photography

All images in this article are from Tosca’s work this semester for F & VC.

Why did you decide to join Fashion & Visual Culture in the first place?

The minor was one of my main reasons to study at AMFI. To tell a story visually always fascinated me. This minor teaches you how to create meaningful images, while at the same time to figure out what your personal photography style is.

What is or has been your own personal inspiration in the world of visual culture?

I get my inspirations from everywhere! I am a big observer and soak in every detail around me. While walking down the streets, I get inspired by nature, architecture and the behavior of people.

But having the chance to watch films and analyse them for the minor was, in the end, my main source of inspiration. For example: In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-Wai captured lovely shots and has a very inspiring film technique.

Tosca Rundholz - F & VC 2

Is there a specific artist or theorist who specifically influenced your work this semester?

Yes, the work of Ren Hang has mostly influenced my work during this semester (#NSFW!) He plays with nudity and body forms, attaching a new meaning to the body and questions the way we see it. Thinking freely and using the human body to create a new context deeply intrigues me.

How did your photography assignments turn out?

Quite well, I found out that I work very intuitively and struggle to explain at the end how I got there. I did really learn to train my eye.

Tosca Rundholz - Fashion & Visual Culture 2

What’s the storyline of your one-minute film?

Together we made ‘I licked it so its mine’. Its about Harry, a boy in his twenties who has an obsession with hair, especially hair on girls. He needs to keep it a secret, because his family wouldn’t understand. Therefore he has set up his apartment as the place to create his perfectly hairy lover.

What was that process like, making the film with your group?

It was an intense week, because we only literally had seven days to create this film, and none of us had ever worked together before. There was not much time left, so we painted my room pink, luckily now its back to white! But that anecdote best describes what kind of fast decisions you have to make during the film week.

Tosca Rundholz F&VC 1

Was there a specifically inspiring moment during this process?

We all had an inspiring moment during postproduction. The team was amazed what an important role sound can play in the film. Especially for our plot line, sound is one of the key storytellers.

What are you up to next in the programme?

We are going to work with KABK alumnus and fashion designer Oliver Jehee to make a film inspired by his graduation collection. We are all very excited because this time we have more time to explore all facets of filming.

Tosca and her classmates are well on their way to film week in January. Watch the other one-minute films from this semester’s Fashion & Visual Culture students on our Video page and stay tuned for the official premiere date.

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