Closing one chapter opens a new one

Cora Verhoog and Ineke Vijn both have been part of the AMFI community for more than 30 years; now it’s time for a change, they say. They are finishing their careers as teachers to fully dedicate their time to the other things they love. As a farewell their work is exhibited and sold in the new by AMFI store concept ‘Curio Stories’, which opens Thursday 28th of March.

Cora Verhoog – then and now

‘I am a creator and a solution-finder’, says Cora Verhoog. She started her career as a coordinator at Charles Montaigne, a private school for couture and styling which later merged with Mr. Koetsier to become AMFI. I have seen the school grow and evolve from an exclusive course with 80 students and 6 teachers to becoming the largest fashion institute in the Netherlands. Next to fashion Cora is passionate about making ceramics. Specially for by AMFI she created a pop-up collection of ceramic and silicone bowls turned upside-down, used as little skirts for dolls. She leaves the institute with a positive spirit: ‘I believe in the strength of AMFI and have confidence its future.’

Over the years Ineke Vijn got particularly interested in photographing people. Little errors and imperfections interest her much more than the glamour that you see so often in fashion photography. That is the lead to her work currently exhibited at by AMFI. Short movies created from photographs she took of a first year’s Design project show more than a single photograph could. ’I like the awkwardness and the action. They create a feeling of movement, deliberately including mistakes as a part of the presentation.’

Ineke Vijn – then and now

Ineke is excited about the new possibilities and challenges that lie ahead. ‘I want to focus more on photography and use the opportunity to travel around the world and visit my children living abroad. AMFI has made my life interesting and gave me many opportunities. I would not be the person I am today if I hadn’t worked here.’

The work of Ineke and Cora is embedded in the concept of by AMFI, Curio Stories. A contemporary cabinet of curiosities that is full of remarkable objects borrowed from dear friends and colleagues. Join us at the opening of the by AMFI store on Thursday 28th March to purchase items of designers still undiscovered and get inspired by the extraordinary work of, amongst others, Cora Verhoog and Ineke Vijn.

Photo shoot with first year Design students by Ineke Vijn.

Text by Irena Krajnc, 2nd year student International Fashion & Branding. Photographs by Ineke Vijn and Cora Verhoog.

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