A creative report of Triptych 2018

Triptych, the annual project in which second year branders, managers and designers come together in a perfect symbiosis, creating 10 different brands, and one big spectacle. Reporter Noémie Ninot felt inspired, although slightly disheartened, by the look into 2028, and created a series of collages of a few of the brands.


Collages and text by Noémie Ninot.




Scientifically, a symbiosis signifies the intimate association of two different species. In the world of creation, symbioses are infinite and will never stop creating our next day. Googly and gooey, Vultus conceptualises a plasticised world melting into the human body. When thinking about the trends of 2028, they created quite a disconcerting symbiosis. Maybe the garments will no longer be used as ornaments but will be part of our bodies, as a sort of armour, a collaboration between our flesh and the threads of the fabric.




An explosion of incredible textures, a veiled face, garments cut as Hussein Chalayan does. The universe of Innri, takes us into a world full of mystery; a dark, fluid and dusty world. A somber opulence that predicts a strong and courageous silhouette. Besides this dark fantasy, the elegance of the cuts and the organza give a little pinch of romance to the garments.




As the steps of the models were progressing, their majestic and dancing gestures hypnotised our souls. The bodies united themselves to create one indissociable human being of disconcerting beauty. The texture of the fabrics melted in voluptuous movements that we could only sense as a divine unity. Aon sees 2028 as a frantic race of being in search of answers, wearing unisex garments, liberating the human of the prison that a garment can be sometimes.




Irremediable poison to mankind, society plagues our hearts and souls. The group Antidote is maybe the counter-agent of this affliction: an explosion of colours, powerful fabrics, mad hairstyles, lunatic faces and tawdry jewels… Antidote offered a loophole to the future and provided a brilliant image of how we behave today.  




The TV is off

At my home, the tv has never been on. Quite simply, I didn’t have one. Unfortunately, the tv is not off in everyone’s homes. It is actually on too often. A world without television, can you imagine? Real communication, without filters. A concept made very clear by the TV Is Off, offering us garments mixing futuristic and forgotten fabrics. A mix of a world torn between reality and illusion.


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