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Flashback to January: arrive to Day 5 of Fashion Week Amsterdam in a Mercedes-Benz G-class wagon, dressed to the nines. Tonight Fashion & Visual Culture students toast with their teams for the premiére of their six short fashion films. sat down with International Fashion & Branding student Regina Sepp, who directed the €1000 Zalando check winner ‘Collector of Curiosities’.

Collector of Curiosities - Still from the Film

Regina had already started discovering her skills during her internship at Volt Magazine, getting first hand experience doing production for fashion photography and film. The designer-inspired concept she and her team had made for the minor F&VC needed more than just a good script. Dedication to the goal brought the team to an agreement: create something of a quality beyond ‘just a school project’.

Fashion & Visual Culture 2015 - Collector of Curiosities

Collector of Curiosities vision was based on a designer who graduated from AMFI last summer: ‘We took the idea of protecting the beauty of human difference from Lisi Herrebrugh’s collection as inspiration. We were fascinated by how people always stare at those who are out of the ordinary, with judgment but also curiosity. It’s a story of a man in a search of human curiosities, who collects and exhibits subcultures. But as these tend to commercialise quite quickly, he has a hard time keeping his exhibition fresh and exciting.’

Urban Girl - Collection of Curiosities AMFI Fashion & Visual Culture

Self-proclaimed solo creative Regina watched her vision take its true course with the strong personalities of Yalda Bagher, Maya Mees and Milan Moheb completing the film team. No doubt the four shared an incredibly satisfying moment after the red carpet at Het Ketelhuis.


Photo by Team Peter Stigter

The crises of time tested the team’s ability to successfully round out the project. Their advice? Stay optimistic, true to your vision and remember that there is always a solution to a problem. Having fallen ill for the filming days, Milan encouraged Regina to ‘put on a smoking, sunglasses wearing, fierce director’s image’ to match her raspy voice. It’s kind of pressure where ideas that at first instinct seem idiotic turn out to save the day. She grins at her ingenious solution to cover a 20m2 ceiling window, seven meters high, to achieve the right lighting. On-the-spot problem solving on the built-from-scratch set allowed them to survive the trials of production week and add to their professional arsenal of skills.

the team - Collector of Curiosities Fashion & Visual Culture

What was once a fantasy had come to life: the collector invites an uncommon oddity inside to wander among the otherness of subculture attractions: Harajuku, Urban, Drag Queen, Goth and suddenly, we’ve found Seapunk.

Seapunk Behind the Scenes Collector of Curiosities

Good practice, as Regina’s just started her graduation project and to little surprise, she’s using film to investigate how music artists use fashion in film. Watch Collector of Curiosities on our Video page.

Interview by Kimberly Waldbillig

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