Denim and lasers: a perfect combination

Founded by Management alumnus Tony Tonnaer, denim brand Kings of Indigo (K.O.I.) joined forces with fellow Amsterdam-based brand Uncover Lab in the infamous department store de Bijenkorf to create something truly unique for their customers.

Over one weekend, laser customisation specialist Uncover Lab personalised every new pair of jeans sold in the popular Damrak location. Each brand’s passion for creating long-lasting and special items led to a match made in indigo-tinted heaven, introducing new customers to both companies. So what brought these two brands together?

A koi fish being lasered onto a pair of K.O.I jeans.

A koi fish being lasered onto a pair of K.O.I jeans.

Leonie Zijlstra, the ‘Queen of Communication’ at K.O.I. discovered Uncover Lab and spotted an opportunity: ‘Since we use laser washes in our collection, we liked the idea of doing more with laser to bring this innovative technique closer to the public.’ The partnership will continue with K.O.I. selling Uncover Lab products in their pop-up store, now officially open in the Jordaan. Leonie was also a part of AMFI’s recent Beyond Green talks to share how industry newbie K.O.I. approaches sustainability and durability of denim.

Third-year Branding student Annabel van Eijk is a marketing intern at K.O.I. She’s a denim lover who respects the company’s devotion to their products. Working closely with the core team, Annabel can really see into the inner workings of the brand. She enjoys learning to contribute how beliefs are communicated to consumers, and in fact helped to organise the event at de Bijenkorf. ‘The city’s strong opinions and rebellious creativity coincides perfectly with that of the denim industry. The two in-sync characters have shaped a unique denim brand and concept, and I am excited for what is still to come.’

Kings of Indigo Uncover Lab de Bijenkorf jean laser design

The Uncover and K.O.I. team at de Bijenkorf ready to customise your jeans with lasers.

AMFI’s second-year Managers are currently working towards the upcoming Blue Fair, as is the Denim programme preparing for a trip to Istanbul in early November. This is the perfect environment for growth, with Amsterdam reigning denim capital of the world and as the popularity of denim doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon. When asked about the recent SS 15 catwalks full of 70s inspired styles, Annabel makes a great case for the enduring nature of denim. ‘It is for everyone. It can be refreshed and remembered, democratic and personal: a never-ending cycle.’

Text by Clemency Newman, second-year International Fashion & Branding student.

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