AMFI Denim Minor


This 20-week minor programme offers third and fourth-year students from Design, Management and Branding an immersive and in-depth focus on the world of denim.

A crossover between education and business, the activities build skills in craftsmanship as well as an understanding of innovation – right in the heart of the jeans capital of the world, Amsterdam.

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denim news

Magazine Interview (PDF) with Guido Kerssens

ISKO I-SKOOL reveals the winners of the 2015-2016 edition

Alumnus Kitty Deesker nominated for HvA Research Award Final Dec 1 2015

AMFI partners up for Amsterdam Denim Days April 2015

Fashion Award in iSKO’s Denim Marketing Competition for iSKOOL 2015.

‘Denim VIPs pitch in to AMFI’s KAPOW Project’ – May 2014 Sportswear International

Denim city headquarters vestigt zich in Amsterdam’ – Amsterdam Economic Board

AMFI Masters of Denim – WGSN Insider

Picanol Loom Candiani Denim text
washes & finishes workshop


Research and analysis of fashion, fit and finish to generate actionable insights.



Innovating denim on the basis
of fabric, form and function.



Translating the collection and brand into a consumer-facing commercial outcome.

Programme info

Students with a passion for denim have the opportunity to work directly with and for the industry, including development of a seasonal sub-branded range of fabrics and/or garments. Visiting major industry trade fairs, international manufacturing facilities and workshops with industry specialists, gurus and ‘Denim heads’ are all part of the package.

Guido Kerssens (Coordination & Production)

Sean Chiles (Coordination & Design)

Fiona Cullen (Denim Design Team Lead)

Jo Watson (Denim Branding Team Lead)


Kings of Indigo

Levi’s XX

Eroğlu Giyim


Red Wing Shoes

OVS Industry

Susie Breuer (Blue is the New Black)

Piet de Boer

Ondrej Turek (Tommy Hilfiger)

Jan ten Hartogh

Snapshots from the programme

Day 2 at Martelli Lavorazioni with more dry and wet processes. Working out the details on this Vintage '33 Toolman wash.

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@stefansunskrit denim design for @tonellosrl @denimdaysfestival

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VIDEO ROVE for DENHAMVery welldone, Guys!!!!

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Denim PV Barcelona

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RIVET & HIDEJunior gave us a great introduction to the store and the collection.Thanks Junior and Danny.

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