Digital design: from fabric to stitch

Needles, threads and pieces of fabrics; materials normally used while working on a fashion design. This isn’t the case working with Lectra; a 3D prototyping programme which makes it unnecessary to produce time-consuming prototypes that demand a great deal of material. During the Digital Body Sculpture semester, Design and Management students worked with Lectra software to make virtual prototypes. This month the Lectra awards were given to the best students.

Prototype first prize Management winners Sanne Vissers & Yasmin Groot

‘Digital Body Sculpture is  a unique programme where students and Lectra learn a lot from each other’, says Ineke Siersema, lecturer visualization. ‘Students learn to push their boundaries when using the software. Lectra on the other hand gets feedback from the students on how to improve and enhance the possibilities of the software.’

Prototypes and collection first prize Design winner Luna Mijnheer

Although both Management and Design students are admitted to the Digital Body Sculpture programme, the method of working is different. Managers did research within sportswear for the company Bio Racer. Race suits, horse riding clothes and ice skating suits where created on the screen and eventually one prototype was produced. The designers worked from their handmade collection towards the software where different patterns, fabrics, stitches and prints were tested.

Collection second prize Design winner Jazz Kuipers

Sandra Kuijpers, lecturer pattern making: ‘Design students used the software in a way it’s not developed for, or applied in the industry. The aim of this semester was to go beyond the boundaries of the software, therefore the students often faced some problems.’ ‘Lots of things can go wrong when designing in a 3D programme’, says student Aimee Jansen. ‘At first my clothes fell off the avatar model and the hood of my design pierced through the avatar’s head. It  took me quite some time to get my design into the programme correctly.’

Collection first prize Design winner Luna Mijnheer

During the Lectra awards the company gave first and second prizes to the best Management and Design students. Yasmin Groot and Sanne Vissers developed a concept and prototype for an ice skating suit and were awarded the first prize for Management. Design student Luna Mijnheer was positively surprised at winning the first prize. ‘During the semester I learned so much about the Lectra programme. It was really hard understanding the software but now that I have got the hang of it, it feels like a great opportunity to work with it in the future.’

Protoype second prize Management winners Ruud van Esch & Denise Bink

Virtual Fashion Design - Denim

Making patterns for jeans with 3D virtual prototyping software.

Text written by Adrienne van der Werf (second-year Fashion & Branding student).

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