Discovering the engine of fashion – part 1

First semester in fashion – Inspiration Book

The first years from all departments at AMFI are in mixed classes during their first semester. The students work on three projects. Last week they received their grades of the second assignment. We asked them about their experiences.


Project: Inspiration Book

Student: Sophie Hemler

Department: Fashion & Management

Interview: Roy Doron




What was the project about?

“The project was about opening your mind to the many channels that could inspire you to develop artistic directions. We experimented with a broad research of images and materials; during these 6 weeks we analysed our findings by colour, shape, material, mood and meaning. The final product was a book that presented our collection of own inspiration findings, ordered by themes that reflected different concepts.”


Why is this project important for fashion studies?

“Fashion students should where to find inspiration in order to research developments that could be important for fashion in the future, and for creating a vision. This project helps you get to know different sources of inspiration, analyse what could be important and organise those findings, so you could later on use it for inspiration.”


What are you most proud of?

“I’m proud of structuring all the inspirational influences I got from books, magazines, the street, art exhibitions and materials. And of filtering my best findings and use them to create a unique Inspiration Book. It is a broad research, and it was challenging to narrow all of my findings.”


What have you learned about yourself?

I learned how to focus on an assignment under the very intense time pressure.”


What was an obstacle, and how did you overcome it?

“It was hard to believe in myself in the first place. The feedback of my friends and teachers helped me to stick to my ideas, and deliver a good final product.”


What knowledge/which new skill did you gain?

It is important to be aware of all inspirational sources that are around us all the time and collect them, because you keep your mind inspired, and will probably use them in the future.”


What tip would you give to a future student?

“Believe in yourself, your ideas and your vision all the way.”




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