Discovering the engine of fashion – part 2

First semester in fashion – Inspiration book

The first years from all departments at AMFI are in mixed classes during their first semester. The students work on three projects. Last week they received their grades of the second assignment. We asked them about their experiences.




Project: Inspiration Book

Student: Yennhi Le

Department: Fashion & Management

Interview: Roy Doron


What was the project about?

“It was about understanding what inspires you as a fashion student. What kind of design aspects, textures, materials, text articles. We collected many visuals into a research book, and from that we created a personal-professional inspiration book.”


Why do you think this project is important for fashion studies?

“You discover where you get truly inspired by and learn to step out of your comfort zone, which is needed in order to broaden your horizon. I think that is important for both your personal and professional development as a fashion student.”


What are you most proud of?

“The final product. This is because of the long process of making the book. You basically start with gathering images and articles that inspire you, after you’ve analysed and researched them, you will put them together and from themes. While searching for inspiration I realized that the journey is quite emotional as I voyaged through stressful and frustrating moments. In the end, when I saw my end product, I couldn’t be more proud!”




What have you learned about yourself during this project?

“I have a background in International business studies, which is in all aspects more theoretical and completely different comparing to the projects at AMFI. When I started the inspiration book project, I immediately discovered the creative part in me. Both the workshop and toolshop teachers played a big role in this process, which made making the book much more enjoyable.”


What was an obstacle, and how did you overcome it?

“My biggest obstacle was finding the connections between all the images that I collected. After a few days of frustration and not making any steps forward, I asked one of my classmates for tips and help. This inspired me to think differently about my approach and helped me to overcome my block. What I really like about my class is that everyone, including our workshop teacher Mrs Kaper, is incredibly supportive towards each other.”


What knowledge/which new skill did you gain?

“The first semester for every new AMFI student is called “The Fashion world and Me”. You learn about the world of fashion, but mostly about who you are as a fashion professional and what is important to you. Having your own vision and getting to know yourself better at any level is the best knowledge I got from the inspiration book.”


What tip would you give to a future student?

“This sounds totally cliché, but always listen to your teachers! Also try to work with the assignment that is given at the beginning and just use what is offered to you in classes. If you keep up with all the homework assignments you’ll be perfect on time-management.”

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