Exploring the magazine landscape

Last Thursday wrapped up the first ten weeks of AMFI’s eleventh year of the Independent Fashion Magazine programme. From harmonica booklets to iPads the presentations created a true mecca for anyone passionate about magazines. Read on to discover more about the programme’s latest concepts.

The second floor of the AMFI building was kittywhompus: normal classrooms were transformed an elaborate grand fête. Each Magazine team had custom built a stand to showcase their work, some replete with face-in-hole photo ops, others strewn with jeans, outfitted with an iPad, or even suspending their work in thin air. How did we get here from there?


‘We had a good look around in Athenaeum and after in-depth trend research we started brainstorming,’ PUSH’s Ruud van Doorn explains. ‘This went from denim to hyper realism, from ‘back to the future’ to Studio 54.’ What kept them structured was the constant injection of doses of real-world expertise: ‘We’ve fabulous lectures and workshops from the best magazine professionals in the Netherlands and Skype lectures from the industry’s finest, like Jeremy Leslie from MagCulture and Patrick Waterhouse from Colors Magazine’, Loes Huizing from Mondaze explains.


Producing a professional magazine doesn’t come without a certain amount of pain. ‘It was crazy for someone new to AMFI’, Alex Bisschop of Vanguard confesses, ‘I dreamt five nights in a row about our magazine.’ Magazine manager Vera Westenberg said it took over fifty concepts before Unfold was born. ‘We were desperate at a certain point. Does anyone have another idea?’ Tie’s Louise Sofie Garborg Versjager remembers that their group kept pushing the deadline into the impossible. ‘On the day we went to print, the deadline was first one o’clock then two, and finally three in the afternoon’, moments just shy of the presentation’s official opening.


All of these students look back on their first chunk of experience as being full of ‘Aha!’ moments. ‘To make a magazine that we all enjoy reading was a challenge, especially because our group involved personalities from six different countries’, Nina Giglio of Tie reflects. Vanguard’s Purdey Lines shares the same sentiment: ‘We shared moments of stress and excitement and became a very close editorial team’.


This presentation is the first public moment for the newborn magazines. ‘So far, the response has been positive’, Lete and Jaleesha from Casey shrug off a sigh of relief. ‘People seem surprised when they flip through Casey. Our magazine is different from their expectations of an independent magazine.’ That was indeed exactly the challenge they were up to.


On April 22nd an independent (naturally) jury of magazine professionals will select one of the six titles. This magazine will form the basis of AMFI’s 2014 mag, just like Garment and TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS from the Underworld before it.


Text by Eveline Koppejan, second-year International Fashion & Branding student. Pictures by Frank Jurgen Wijlens, coordinator Independent Fashion Magazine Programme at AMFI.

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