– Meg Miller and Madeleine Morley on the new issue of EoD and the differences between digital and print publishing.

by Carlijn van Ingen

EoD issue #3, Gossip

On the 27th of March, Athenaeum Boekhandel & Nieuwscentrum launched the third issue of the magazine Eye on Design, called ‘gossip’. Senior Editor Meg Miller and Art Director Madeleine Morley stopped by to discuss this issue. Differences and connections between digital and print publishing also came to discussion, as they started online with their AIGA Eye on Design website.


Eye on Design is a magazine on design and is part of AIGA, a non-profit design organisation in the United States. EoD started publishing online, but published their first print issue ‘Invisible’ in February 2018. Nowadays, they are publishing 3 issues per year, each with a new subject that reflects on the time we live in. Next to their head designer, every issue has a carefully picked guest designer that gets the opportunity to show their view on the chosen subject by creating the graphic design of the issue. EoD mixes serious design criticism with a fun editorial tone.



For their third issue, they worked together with guest designer Allyn Hughes, a designer and educator based in NYC. For this issue, Allyn Hughes turned the characteristic eye graphic on the cover into a mouth, winking at the subject of gossip.
Not only the graphic design but also the content is based around gossip. For example through a feature on the design team behind People magazine and a pull out section that represents EoD’s take on tabloid magazines.
EoD is doing a great job in combining design and content in order to give a holistic presentation of the subject of the issue.


The main reason for publishing a physical magazine next to the website was to give designers a platform, instead of just covering them. For example, working with guest designers is giving them a stage to show their work.
Next to that, print publishing gives the opportunity to dive deeper into content, since there is more time to write in comparison to digital publishing. In the digital market, everything has to be uploaded fast. This keeps you relevant but limits you in finding a deeper layer. Meg and Madeleine, therefore, think that print and digital should complement each other and that you should use the best of both worlds.


The mix of serious criticism and the fun editorial tone is what sets EoD apart from others. They love writing on design and therefore think it should also be fun to read about. You can buy EoD’s issue 3 at the Athenaeum Bookstore, located at Spui 14-16. The issue can also be purchased online through the following link:

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