AMFI through the eyes of a first-year

Each year over a thousand prospective students apply to study at AMFI. Getting in isn’t easy; only the best students get accepted after undertaking a number of assignments and being invited to a selection day. Good preparation is one of the things you can do to increase your chances. Marie Jonkeren did just that and is now studying International Branding and finishing her very first project.

Marie Jonkeren NYC

Marie’s in a New York state of mind.

Marie: ‘I knew I wanted to pursue a career in fashion, ever since my trip to the AMFI Open Day. I spoke to various students and teachers coming to the conclusion that Branding would be the right fit for me.’ After graduating from High School, Marie decided to work on her portfolio and gain work experience in the fashion industry before applying to AMFI. She attended a six-month Fashion & Design preparatory course through Dutch educational organisation EF in New York. The course taught her the basics of drawing, styling, trend watching and fashion business. She was able to put all this into practice during an internship at Colorblind Showroom; a premier wholesale fashion showroom on Broadway.

Colorblind ShowRoom

The Colorblind showroom in NYC.

After an exciting six-month adventure in New York, Marie finally applied for AMFI. She describes the selection day as pleasant but also nerve wracking. ‘I had to prepare a special assignment beforehand. On the day itself I did a test to assess my knowledge of fashion and my creative skills. During an interview with a teacher and student they checked whether I knew what I was getting myself into, since the programme can be quite demanding. Luckily my acceptance letter arrived a few weeks later. I was so excited!’

AMFI inspiration book Marie Jonkeren

Images from Marie’s inspiration book.

Two months have past and Marie has just finished her first project: The Inspiration Book. The teachers pushed her to look beyond what is considered ‘inspiring’. Marie: ’Working on my Inspiration Book challenged my way of thinking and perceiving. I’m looking at things quite differently now. Pictures that used to be inspiring and beautiful have now less meaning. To give an example; I used to think Chanel ads in magazines were inspiring. Now I’m more inspired by artwork, shapes, textures, architecture and interior and read independent magazines such as Prestage, Indie and Wallpaper.’

Her experiences at AMFI share in some ways similar characteristics as Branding; continuously creating new ways to interact, influence and tell a story.

Text by Precilla Sedney, second-year International Fashion & Management student.

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