Far away from home

Just pack your bags and leave for five months. That’s what Shalini, Marijn and Lotte did. Either for an internship or an exchange programme, they all went to different places across the world. AMFI was curious to see how these students are experiencing their new lives away from home.

Discovering the shopping area is a must as a Branding student.

Shalini Kellinghaus, 3rd year Fashion & Branding student, is doing an exchange at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. ‘With my courses Visual Arts, Journalism and Film I wanted to go a bit out of fashion to provide myself with different skills. I am now exploring fields that I can later on relate to my Fashion & Branding course to broaden it a bit. What I enjoy most next to my study here? The travelling! I have been travelling all around Australia in the last couple of weeks and it has been intense and amazing. With this exchange I have become much more open-minded towards others and aware of myself. I especially wanted to see how I can cope with being far away from home. Due to my new experiences and the friendly and positive vibe here, this is all going really well.’


Marijn embodying the NYC culture

Marijn Rikken, 3rd year Fashion & Design student, is doing an internship in textiles at Alexander Wang in New York. ‘The decision to go to New York was quickly made. The city is amazing and I it is certainly a dream coming true being able to work here. My internship means hard work, responsibility in the company and great opportunities. One of the prints I designed will be used for menswear coats! Sometimes I really have to pinch myself and visit the Brooklyn Bridge at night to remember that I am living in New York. Living in a student house means I live with about 300 girls. These flatmates certainly make my days easier and make me feel more at home. We share our experiences and every night dinner is made for us. I do sometimes miss choosing myself what to cook, but then again, I live in New York!’

Already after three months, Lotte blends into the Indian culture.

Lotte Bloom, a 3rd year Fashion & Management student doing an exchange at the National Institute of Fashion and Technology (NIFT) in New Delhi, India. ‘The Indian culture has always interested me and I wanted to learn more about textiles, so what better place to go than India? Most of my subjects are in the Textile Design Department. At first there was a big culture shock and for me as a girl I have to be extra careful with my safety. That means covering myself with a scarf during the evening and not going anywhere alone. Every year in February NIFT has a college fest called Spectrum with a lot of dance, fashion shows and partying. I joined the Bhangra Dance, which is an Indian dance style. All in all it meant lots of fun with other students and a very positive vibe. I really feel that people are acting more as a group over here and less as an individual.’

Text by Lara Jongejans (2nd year International Fashion & Branding student).


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