Fashion and Film: a Match Made in Heaven


AMFI presents: seven short fashion films

Starting with a premiere night on the 30th of January, the Amsterdam Fashion Institute’s Fashion and Visual Culture students will present seven short films inspired by the new generation of Dutch fashion designers at Het Ketelhuis cinema in Amsterdam. The films will feature collections from Nadie Borggreve, Raisa Kok, Boaz van Doornik, Rachel Cheong, Schepersbosman amongst others. Cinema Het Ketelhuis will run the films untill the 2nd of February.

From script to screening, a unique view on storytelling

The seven groups of students had 10 weeks to create the films from concept to filming, editing to promotion. They started by formulating a story based on their chosen designer and built a full film production from there. Every aspect of the films was created by the students, from set design to script, resulting in inspiring stories and visuals.

Fashion and Visual Culture

The films were made as part of the Fashion and Visual Culture minor: a course where students are taught the necessary skills to analyze visual culture and use this to create their own unique and original films. During the process, the students were supported by diverse fashion and film professionals, such as Dutch director Aaron Rookus (known from the film ‘Een Goed Leven’, which received a ‘Gouden Kalf’ award).

Previous AMFI films have received awards from the Fashion Film Festival Milano and the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

Tickets are €5 and available via

Facebook event page.

Fashion & Visual Culture Instagram.

Vimeo (with films from this year and past years)