Fashion Films for a New Generation

Ten weeks, seven film crews. In January Het Ketelhuis premiered the fashion films created by students of AMFI’s Fashion & Visual Culture programme. Each is a story inspired by the latest collection of the new generation of fashion designers. Watch each of the three-minute films below:


The Redeeming Dice: Inspired by Ruby de Bruijn.

The beauty of Ganzenbord lies in the details of Dutch design.

Director Marcia Finkelenburg, Art Director Youri Spaay, D.O.P. Rowan Paul, Creative Producer Julie Mulders, Executive Producer Anna van Duuren


Once You Care: inspired by (alumna) Joanne de Hoop

Be healed by the shamans of fashion.

Director Sophie-Louise Feith, D.O.P. Florien Mes, Art Directors Stephanie Barten, Anne Rosenberg, Creative Producer Cherise Soesman, Executive Producer Suus van Langeraad


Were We Born to Be Real?: inspired by Olivier Jehee

Sadistic media feed anarchy. Your hatred is ignited, but can you truly escape?

Director Romy Bresseleers, D.O.P. Isabel Janssen, Art Director Tosca Rundholz, Executive Producer Emilie van Kinschot, Creative Producer Bo de Vries


Out of the Box: inspired by (alumna) Britta Bentele 

Sometimes all you need is a little imagination.

Director Valerie Hannwacker, D.O.P. Daniel Heijl, Art Director Dominique Hoogvliet, Creative Producer Martika Boers, Executive Producers Niels Nijenhuis, Maria Gnezdilova


Hotel Magique: inspired by (alumna) Maria Wöstmann

An encounter with the bizarre in Room 22.

Director Carlijn Stadig, D.O.P. Marre Tramper, Art Director Estelle Schreuder Goedheijt, Creative Producer Sabine Tempelaar, Executive Producer Boy Schut


Half-Empty, Wait, Half-Full: inspired by (alumna) Sarah Mayer

An emotional rollercoaster of colour.

Director Xana Harmsen, D.O.P. Jan Steur, Art Director Demi van Maanen, Creative Producer Anna Halbleib, Executive Producer Florentina van Stapele


Play it Cool: inspired by (student) Simone Schampers

Freedom in the virtuosity of fashion.

Director Jazzmin Nilson, D.O.P. Yaël Junggeburth, Art Director Danique Grol, Creative Producer Nicole de Zinger, Executive Producers Pleun van Baren, Desiré Wilders


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