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Last night byAMFI changed its skin once again for the opening of the new concept Cutting Blue which focuses on conscious denim consumption. After a hunger-induced discussion about fast food, a nerve was struck within the byAMFI team.

Branding of the new concept. Photography: Kimberly Waldbillig

Branding of the new concept.

How is the fast food industry any diferent from the fashion industry, and more specifically the denim industry? There are preservatives and chemicals in food and sometimes similarly unhealthy and unnecessary chemicals in denim. In this age of organic food and sustainable fashion, the way in which the Cutting Blue concept materialized seemed only natural.

A denim butchery.

A denim butchery.

By creating denim awareness, the byAMFI team hopes to instill the idea that it is indeed possible to wear clothes that are better for the environment and for the community. The artisanal culture that is sweeping the food industry should in fact be applied to clothing as well. The trend of people frequenting their local butcher to get meats as opposed to consuming from the conveyor belt has grown. The byAMFI student team thinks that should be the case with the clothes we wear, too.

Artisanal denim like artisanal meat. Photography: Kimberly Waldbillig

Artisanal denim like artisanal meat.

Rosiane Kuiper, a fresh Branding graduate and now store manager of byAMFI:‘ It’s important to know where the product is coming from and it’s even more important to make an informed decision. There is always a choice. It was critical for us to come up with a denim concept that is not a cliché.’ The launch party was a success, generating many new conversations about the jeans brands now in store.

Amsterdam Denim Cutting Blue byAMFI

Visitors to the new concept.

They all want you to know where their product comes from, its ingredients and how it is produced – to help you make a conscious choice. Oyuki Denim, a brand created by AMFI teacher Guido Kerssens, features selvedge techniques, and alumnus Ron van der Wiel’s Blue LOOP Originals produces garments repurposed from old denim jeans – thereby closing the loop of each garment’s life. Do you want to contribute to the cause? Bring your old bits of denim down to the store, AMFI Design graduate Mick Keus’ label reuses and reconstructs vintage Levi 501’s. The Statement Store also gives a glimpse into the denim explorations of Kapow – an extracurricular student project who’ll be showing at the upcoming Kingpins trade fair.

Blue Loop’s denim fibre pullover. Photography: Kimberly Waldbillig

Blue Loop’s denim fibre pullover.

Be sure to stop by the store and check out the new concept. If you take any pictures, make sure you hashtag #cuttingblueamsterdam.

Text: second-year International Fashion & Management student Jade Wilting. Pictures by Kimberly Waldbillig.

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