Fashion & Visual Culture Photo Week. Let’s Get Confused.

A group of third and fourth year AMFI students have just started with the Fashion & Visual Culture programme. The aim is to visualise fashion in innovative and meaningful ways. Branding student Leonie Veenman is the first guest blogger to write about her experiences during the programme. Creating an innovative and meaningful photo is certainly much more difficult than she thought.

making of photo Leonie Veenman

Making waves by using a hairdryer.

Lots of inspiring, fashionable images catch our eye every day. Being able to analyse the meaning of these photos is one important thing, but to create them yourself is a very challenging and intensive process.

Our first experience with the programme, the so-called photo week, turned out to be an exciting journey to find out what we were capable of doing in a short amount of time. We started gaining inspiration in the city, translating and creating this into meaningful, innovative images. The advice from our coaches: ‘Don’t think too much, experiment a lot and keep the fun factor in mind. Don’t be afraid to get confused, because that might just lead you to new insights.’

This –let’s get confused– attitude turned out to be a serious learning process. You have to challenge yourself to try things you would normally not do. I really surprised myself by finding crazy solutions to make ideas come to life. It started with getting inspired by reflecting windows in the city. It ended in pulling a mirror off the wall and putting a huge aquarium on it. I hoped for the best that nothing would break, or 50 liters of water would spill over the floor. Luckily, that didn’t happen…

The steps from walking through the city to the girl in the water were confusing sometimes. So during the week I stopped being too rational. All of a sudden it just felt like I had to grab some scissors, cut off half the head of a photo, put it in the aquarium, reflect it in the mirror and make waves using a hairdryer. Finally it became a whole different picture.

Final photo Leonie Veenman

The final result of Leonie’s hard work.

It’s great to experience how your first experiments can evolve into photos you never thought of, exceeding your own expectations. Very satisfying. Looking forward to what’s next!

Text written by Leonie Veenman, 4th year Fashion & Branding student.