First year at AMFI: balancing school & leisure

The first semester has come to a finale and newest generation of AMFI students dove into their first specialised semester. We sat down again with Kilian Vos, who told us about her struggles and creative development.


Student: Kilian Vos
Department: Fashion & Branding
Interview: Emma Wendt


Now that the 1st semester at AMFI is behind you, how would you compare your initial expectations to how it actually was?

“Before I started at AMFI I already knew some people there. They told me that the first semester would be pretty intense, so I expected that I had to put in a lot of effort to keep up. Visiting as many museums as possible and looking at various magazines so that one’s research is more comprehensive. During the semester the deadlines were indeed pretty intense. But when you keep up with your work, you also have some spare time left to do other things, not related to AMFI. Overall, it did live up to my expectations. The ambiance and people are great. AMFI always is a lot of work, but you’re in it together with your fellow classmates, so you can relate and help one another.”


Kilian Vos striking a pose inside the entrance hall of the AMFI building,

Kilian striking a pose inside the entrance hall of the AMFI building.


During the last interview you said you were most proud of your Prototype, has this changed and if so, what is your new favourite product?

“I am still most proud of my Prototype, because I learned a lot in a short period of time  and I put a lot of work and effort into it. Working with a sewing machine was very nerve wrecking and frustrating. Especially when I had stitched something wrong and had to pull the seam out. Therefore this project was very de-motivating for me, but I am proud of myself for pushing through. Although it certainly wasn’t my favourite project, I learned a lot of interesting sewing basics.”


It nearly drove her crazy, but now a pride product: Killian’s prototype.

It nearly drove her crazy, but now it is a pride product: Kilian’s prototype.


What was your best project and what did it teach you about yourself? 

“I received the highest mark for my Inspiration Book – which was a well-needed boost that gave me back motivation after struggling with the prototype. It felt nice to have been acknowledged for my work. This project wasn’t as hard as the Prototype. If you like something, it just comes naturally to work competently. I managed to make the Inspiration Book personal whilst still following the requirements of the assignment. My research was broad which gave me the chance to really explore my own personal interests concerning fashion, design, architecture and other sources of inspiration. During this project, I learned to use and present my individual interests in a professional way.”


Did your working method change throughout the semester?

“I learned to be more productive, because I found that you solely have to work efficiently if you want to meet the deadline. It is sometimes hard to be constantly motivated. Usually at the beginning of a project I’m always really enthusiastic. This slowly fades when the deadline gets closer as I feel the need to research more. I often get stressed when the submission date is near, but at the same time the stress helps me work more productively.”


Killian’s organised process book during style research.

Kilian’s organised process book during style research.


What has helped you throughout the semester? Any tips for a future student?

“I try to establish a well-organized working plan. During deadline week, I make a list of everything that I still have to do per day. This gives me a good overview and helps me to divide my time. I can be a chaotic person, so I need something to stabilise my mind. Besides being organized, I also try to keep a healthy balance between my social and university life. It feels so nice to take the time meeting with friends over the weekends, outside of Amsterdam. Getting away from AMFI and the people who study there gives me a new perspective on the world. That is always inspirational.”


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