First year at AMFI: into the flow

As a new semester at AMFI begins and the first years students can put a thrilling semester behind them. We interviewed them again and asked if the first semester on a creative school was as tough as they thought it would be. Or were they able to spread their wings and take off?


Student: Emilija Juskaite
Department: Fashion & Management
Interview: Hannah Purner

After six months at  AMFI, how would you compare your initial expectations to how it actually was?

“At the beginning of the semester I started with the project Style Research and it was a lot more work than I had expected. Of course coming back from summer vacation, I just had to get used to the workload. For the following projects I felt a lot more prepared and learned how to manage my time. Everything was just as expected. Even better I would say! I gained a lot of knowledge that was new to me and also perfected my other previous skills.”


Emilija in one of the best rooms at AMFI – the beautiful library in the basement.


What are you most proud of and what did it teach you about yourself?

“I was most proud of my Inspiration Book.  I learned a lot about myself during this project. I got to learn a lot about art, design, technical innovations and much more as I discovered a lot of new sources, such as independent magazines, websites and exhibitions. It was a very active project, that made me gain a lot of useful information for the future. The Inspiration Book taught me how I can relate information and inspiration from various resources to fashion. The project was a lot of fun and very interesting to do. And I love physically making things, so creating my own book was also a very nice way to express myself.”


One of Emilija’s favorite spreads of her Inspiration book, 3-d materials and images in perfect harmony.


Did your working method change throughout the semester?

“Yes, it did. I became a lot more organized and learned how to manage my time quite well. How to have everything done in time and produce good quality work that I am happy with.”


You said in the previous interview “Everything we do here benefits your own development and so our future in the fashion industry”. What developments did you make so far?

“What I really liked from the beginning of the second semester of Fashion & Management is that we are also learning a lot about design. We have to draw and create garments, which gives us a big insight on how designers work. Next to that we also learn to draw garment a very technical way. I think this gives us the opportunity to understand other professions and have a broader knowledge on the whole fashion industry.”


Technical drawings on a spread of Emilija’s current Process Book


If you had to give a tip to a future student: what helped you throughout the first semester?

“Looking back it was great that I was in a good class, where it was easy to ask for help and opinion. Everyone was being honest and no competition was felt. Also I feel like most of the teachers are very helpful and positive about us having good projects and putting a lot of effort into them. A tip would be to ask for help (even if you feel like you don’t need it), because sometimes other people understand things differently and that can open your eyes!”


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