First year at AMFI: going strong

As a new semester at AMFI begins and the first years students can put a thrilling semester behind them. We interviewed them again and asked if the first semester on a creative school was as tough as they thought it would be. Or were they able to spread their wings and take off?


Student: Floortje Mantel
Department: Fashion & Design
Interview: Ella Possek

After six months at AMFI, how would you compare your expectations to how it actually was?

“Before I started at this school I was afraid not to have enough talent to keep up with the level of the assignments. In fact, the reality at AMFI is that you get out of it what you put into it. The workload can be heavy, but once you hand in your product, after all the effort, it is incredibly rewarding! Also I expected AMFI students to be slightly arrogant. This prejudice turned out to be completely wrong. Everyone is totally themselves and there is such a supportive atmosphere with myriad cultural paradigms. Even though we work hard, there is always time for a laugh.”


floortje no.3 q.5

Floortje between the AMFI walls; enthusiasm takes the lead.


In our previous talk you said: “I found out that I like things that people might consider as ugly”. Did this idea develop in any way?

” Yes, it even triggered me throughout the entire semester! Despite the common association with beauty and glamour, fashion can be so much more than that. For example, why not express darker aspects of society and ourselves?

During Prototype project I gained some required skills in designing, which allowed me to actualize this idea even more. Translating a vision into an actual garment was indeed challenging but highly rewarding.

In the next semester I would like to continue revealing ‘ugly’ things and also understand the psychology of how beauty ideals develop, so I can break these social codes.”


What is the thing you are most proud of? What did it teach you about yourself?

“The most important thing AMFI has taught me is to not be disappointed when work does not reach my own expectations. I learned to experiment by using ‘ugly’ try-outs within my process books, analyze them and build on it.”



A spread from Floortje’s latest Process Book – we think ler experiments with ‘ugly cut outs’ look rather interesting!


How did your working method change throughout the semester?

“The thing that has changed the most was the way I organize my work. My enthusiasm and creativity sometimes overtakes my accuracy, which can lead to an unclear execution of my process.

I improved this by making conclusions sheets every now and then, in order to prevent myself from getting overwhelmed by endless options. I use foldouts and sticky notes to make the navigation of my work more user friendly.”



Floortje’s final product of the Style Research project. “This style clash is about disruption of a systematic structure. By combining order and disorder I wanted to develop a concept that focuses on how an organized system collapses because of the formlessness of unavoidable decay.”


What has helped you throughout the semester?

“What helped me most is the realization of not taking it all too serious. Experiment, try out crazy things and most important: show enthusiasm! If you have fun during the working process, it will definitely be visible in your end product.”


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