First Year at AMFI: A Journey about Yourself and the Fashion Industry

The second semester is nearly over and we are curious about the first years students we interviewed before. Emilija Juskaite successfully made it through the foundation year of international Fashion & Management. We sat down with her to take a look back on an interesting year full of exciting personal and professional experiences.


Student: Emilija Juskaite

Department: International Fashion & Management

Interview: Annika Langhammer



Emilija smiling big because she knows she made it through the first year and the summer holidays are getting close.


How is your overall feeling regarding the second semester?

“I learned a lot of new skills such as pattern making, sewing, using digital programs (Illustrator, Cad Cam), financial aspects of the industry and just more general aspects about what Fashion Management is about. I really enjoyed the second semester. Now I am sure that I chose the right studies for myself, it includes a lot of practical knowledge and skill as well as creative parts where you can also just be creative and explore the design part of the industry.”


Looking back at the year and what you have learned about the fashion industry, would you say that your attitude/opinion towards fashion has changed since August?

“Yes, definitely. Before I came to AMFI, I was not really familiar with the core of the fashion industry. Through this year I really learned what processes you have to go through for a garment to actually reach the consumer. This made me develop my opinion towards fashion in a sense that this is actually a business that people underestimate because they do not know how much work and effort goes into making one piece of a garment. I started appreciating the industry a lot more.”


Emilija proudly presented her Inspiration book as she thinks it was the most fun and inspiring project of the first year.

When asked to present the product she was most proud of, Emilja picked her Inspiration Book as she thinks it was the most fun and inspiring project of the first year.


In your last interview you said “that you love creating things physically”, do you still think/feel about it that way since you have been learning digital techniques to create?

“To be honest, it did change my view on creating things physically. As much as I still enjoy doing things by hand, now that I know how to use digital programs and see the pluses and minuses of them, I start realizing projects digitally. I learned that it saves a lot of time and money. Additionally, I started enjoying learning how to use digital programs, since it is easy to make changes and they are beneficial nowadays. However, without a doubt I still love making physical things.”


We are a year after you started studying at the AMFI, how would you say you have changed as a student/person?

“I think what changed the most is that I learned so much about myself. I learned my strengths and weaknesses, what I truly like or dislike and appreciate. AMFI challenges you to really get to know yourself and know what you want, in order to deliver a good product. A part of yourself will always be reflected by the product. In general it can be said, that through the knowledge about myself my perspective and the way of seeing things changed.”


Our trip to Antwerp is Emilija's most memorable moment of the past year. It was not only a professional shopping trip, but also a bonding trip.

A trip to Antwerp is Emilija’s most memorable moment of the past year. It was not only a professional shopping trip, but also a bonding trip.  As you know the toilet is one of the best places for bonding to start eternal friendships.


It was exciting to hear your personal story at AMFI and follow your work and development throughout the year. We will meet here again in September?

“Yes, definitely! I really enjoy AMFI. Not only because of the program, but also because of meeting great people and finding new friends. Unfortunately, the study program has its pluses and minuses for everyone, but overall it was a lot more knowledge than I expected and I cannot wait what AMFI has to offer next year!”


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