First year at AMFI: open your mind for change

The first semester at AMFI is now in the past for Sophie Hemler, student Fashion & Management. She takes a moment to reflect and shares her new vision on the studies and on herself as a fashion student.

Student: Sophie Hemler
Department: International Fashion & Management 
Interview: Roy Doron


Now that the first six months at AMFI are behind you, how would you compare your initial expectations to how it actually was so far?

“I had quite high expectations before studying at AMFI, because I was really impressed by all the projects I’ve seen at the Open Day and by all the stories I heard from AMFI students. I was really glad that in my first semester I got a broad picture about the fashion industry. So far it was really intense workwise, but I was prepared for that and I am glad to say that I learned a lot. My expectations of the school were definitely fulfilled.”


In our previous talk you said: “I learned how to focus on an assignment under the very intense time pressure”. Did you feel the months that followed were intense as well?

“Yes, the last few months were intense as well, but I learned to structure myself a bit better and I will keep on improving that in the second semester. I found out that an agenda or to-do list can be really helpful to have an overview on the workload.”


Sophie sewing her conceptual prototype garment as the last phase of the project.

Sophie sewing her conceptual prototype garment as the last phase of the project.


Did you develop new ways to keep producing quality products within short deadlines?

“I made everything in time, set priorities and learned how to deal with short deadlines which I expect to come back to me in my future career.”


What are you most proud since you started at AMFI?

“I am really proud of my Prototype. Never before I had I sewn a garment, so I experienced a total new area. I also had no knowledge about working with a sewing machine, but I learned quickly how to use it. All management students keep on sewing in the second semester because it is part of the programme (shirt and collection for a non-fashion brand), but I also found my passion for it! I started to sew in my own free time as well.”

Prototype development from her process book.

Prototype development from her process book.


In which way did your working method change?

“Honestly, my work method did not change in general. I am a really neat and clean person, therefore all my process books are really organized and structured. I try to keep up this attitude for my future projects. One thing I learned is that I need to be a bit more flexible and work with my feelings and intensions, less focusing on facts and figures only. You need to be careful not to develop a tunnel vision that narrows your creativity, because as a fashion professional you have to be open for change. You always have to try something new or take a risk, to create something really unique.”


 Garment design, a new passion discovered!

Garment design, a new passion discovered!


Have you got any tips for a future student?

“I got a big one: remember not to give up! If you have the dedication, it will always work out for you. Think positive, even if you sometimes find yourself stressed and lost.”


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